Top 7 Optometry Websites of 2018

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Let’s be clear…Optometrists deserve to have great looking websites and effective online marketing too, they’re not just for dentists and chiropractors. And the crop of websites serving eye care specialists we’re building are outstanding.

Here are just a few of the best Optometry Websites through mid-2018. Feel free to click on the image to take a closer look at the details of the project and how these websites came to be.

Shelbourne Optometry

Shelbourne Optometry Website

Overview Of The Design

The entire site was designed to combine an earthy yet professional air with bright smiles and promises of a future with better eye sight. The complex patterned backgrounds that appear as you scroll down the page further represent the overall cheerful wistfulness of the office. No one wants their visit to the optometrist to be serious and dire, and this design promises that it won’t be. Further, there are subtle promises of a life much improved that can be found in the images they offer. In spite of all this evident whimsy there is a clear trail of information provided as you go down the page, showing that the professional isn’t afraid to step up and share what the patient needs to know.

Use Of Colors

Color use on this website is decidedly driven by color accents, with a primary white and gray tone background covered with splashes of color that immediately draw the eye. Is there a splash of blue? Information ahead, take note. The feeling portrayed by the site is welcoming and joyful, subtly promising that this can be the patients life once they get new glasses without pushing hard selling in their face. Overall the colors seem to play across the page rather than stark and constrained.

730 North Optometry

730 north optometry website

Overview of the Design

We attempted to capture the image and stature of every medical practice we serve here at Optomized360. For 730 North Optometry, that takes on a unique meaning since unlike many other practices, this one operates as both a vision care center and a retail shop. Our goal was to create a custom optometrist website that depicts a visit at 730 North Optometry as more of an all-inclusive luxury experience rather than just another visit to the eye doctor.

For this design, we spotlighted the beautiful office itself, from the ornate chandelier that hangs in the lobby area to the plush opulence of the seating area. Visitors are given the choice to immediately explore three sections of the website based on their interests and needs – vision care, vision therapy, and eye wear. From there, we offer a brief introduction and history of the practice, followed by links to other pages within the website that describe more about the practice and all that it has to offer.

Vision Plus on Benson screenshot - Showing omepage of Vision Plus on Benson - Renton, WA website

Clean, cool, hip and modern. That’s how web visitors describe the Vision Plus website. Visitors experience a virtual tour of the practices modern office and can even browse inventory of designer and safety glass frames.

The navigation on this optometric website is about as innovative as it gets. Testimonials and special offers help guide the visitor’s eye throughout this attractive website.

Lodestar Family Eye Care - Screenshot showing homepage of Lodestar Family Eye Care website

This website is just plain cool. For rural Alaska, it’s one impressive website design. Great navigation, mobile responsiveness that makes the website look like an app on smart phones and super easy contact information makes visiting a real breeze.

Modern Eye Optometry

modern eye optometry website

Overview of the Design

With a name like Modern Eye Optometry, it makes sense that you would need a modern website that reflects the mission of your practice. We enjoyed creating this custom optometry website, which features slight tweaks to the traditional components of the home page. The header images are slim, yet fill up the full width of the browser screen. The featured services section, however, adapts to a standard width, followed by featured conditions that expand back to a full screen view.

Use of Colors

This website is based on a green and orange color scheme, which contrast nicely against each other and directly correspond to the colors within the practice logo. Orange is a bright and cheerful color, whereas green demonstrates youth, health, and vitality. These hues make sense considering this practice exists to help patients maintain the youthful health and function of their eyes.

Spectrum Family Eyecare

Spectrum Family Eyecare are a group of professional providers of quality eye-care to mall visitors. They present a clean, straight-forward environment that ensures comfort and convenience to its visitors. When clients stop in, they’re met by a clean, professional staff, and their site needed to present that same impression. From the ideals of professionalism and convenience, this site came into existence, reassuring the visitor that they will have a clean, comfortable appointment in their mall-based clinics.

Overview Of The Design

The design of this website is simplistic and understated, focused on building confidence in the visitor through the imagery of the doctors and the strong presence of testimonials. The site is immaculate and minimalist, which helps lend an air of efficiency and convenience to their visitors, who will be stopping by a mall to get their vision checked. While optometrist stations are familiar sights in a mall environment, the mall itself is rarely thought of as a relaxing experience. This site seeks to overcome those preconceptions through excellent design.

Retina Institute

retina institute website

Overview of the Design

When designing a custom surgical eye center website, we recognize the importance of quality, information, and extreme attention to detail. For The Retina Institute, this meant creating a space that highlights the practice’s cutting edge technology, advanced procedures, and knowledgeable physicians. Right away, we acknowledged the surgical center’s New Orleans location, but invited patients from all over the country to come experience what sets The Retina Institute apart from the rest.

Use of Colors

For this website, blues, reds, and purples set the stage. The deep, rich blue-purple colors lend mystery and depth to the website. Much like the eye itself, it speaks of a detail-centered space that has much more to offer than is evident on the surfac

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