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Impact Marketing

Grow your practice by taking advantage of great opportunities in online marketing. O360 offers painless, affordable solutions that are presented to you with 100% transparency. No contracts and no hidden fees. We listen to you and learn about the practice and using the bottom four options build you a personalized package.


Knowing the pros and cons of each approach help us focus on what works for you best. At times, the best opportunity is on pursuing one route, often, it is a combination of all that works best. 


Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook, Google, Twitter
  • Exposure to Specific Patients
  • Smaller Initial Investment
  • Accurate Patient Targeting
  • Low-Cost Ad Options
  • Content Marketing Option


Pay-Per-Click Online Ads

  • Immediate Exposure & Results
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo Ads
  • Pay Only When Patient Visits
  • Faster Return on Investment
  • Control Over Keywords
  • Cost Determined in a Live Auction


Search Engine Optimization

  • Organic Ranking on Google
  • Better Ranking on Bing & Yahoo
  • Takes Time but Lasts Longer
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Targeted Landing Pages
  • Cost is More Steady & Predictable

Pay-Per-Patient Ads

The Lowest Per Patient Cost
High-Quality Patients
Quick Return on Investment
Flat-Fee Management
No Contract!
Google data studio report of a PPC campaign for dr dublin dental ranch o360 client

PPC Means You Only Pay When a Patient Who Needs Your Service Visits Your Site.

So many doctors and dentists have given up on online marketing because of wasteful spending by amateur marketers with no results. We’ve control cost and with focused geo and demographic targeting and ultra-accurate filtering that has improved the conversion rate significantly. We have managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in dental and medical marketing campaigns throughout the years. We will protect your money the way we do ours. 100% Transparency. No contracts.


Why do I need 0360? Why can't I do it myself?

Most online marketing campaigns fail because the ROI is just not good enough. The main reason is the lack of experience combined with the complexity of the online ad platforms. One can spend a lot on Google, Facebook and other search engines paying for visitors to his/her website who are not prospective patients. The role O360 plays is to bring the cost of each patient visit down to a point that not only the management fee is paid for, but, the ROI is acceptable too.

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How do you reduce the cost?

  1. Preventing wasteful clicks
  2. Delivering higher click-through rate 
  3. Improving conversion rate by writing better ads
  4. Choosing lower cost keyword phrases
  5. Implementing effective keyword filtering (negative keywords)
  6. Improving landing page quality

No one I know clicks on the ads. Why pay for them?

The best thing about this campaign is that it is called ‘pay-per-click’. If no one clicks on the ads, you will not pay anything! The fact is that millions of people click on the ads and that is why Google makes over 100 billion dollars each year in ad revenue. 

What's included?

  1. Detailed evaluation of your website and its quality
  2. Study and analysis of the competition in your area
  3. Keyword data evaluation and Smart Keyword selection 
  4. Landing page optimization 
  5. Ad copywriting based on years of experience
  6. High conversion geo-targeting and scheduling
  7. Audience targeting for maximum conversion
  8. Fraud protection software to prevent competitors clicks
  9. Google Search Console setup and connection
  10. Google Analytics and conversion tracking Setup
  11. Improving the quality score resulting in lower cost
  12. Applying savings by improving the click-through-rate
  13. Landing page improvements for better conversion
  14. Account, Campaign and Ad Group setup for the best quality score
  15. Continuous review of the results & improvement of the campaigns
  16. An open-book program with 100% transparency 
  17. No long-term contract
  18. Control over the ad budget 
  19. Modification of monthly budget when needed
  20. Live and Dynamic, Fact-based Statistics Dashboard


Anual Ad Views


Ad Cost Saving


Yearly Patient Visits


Google Rating

Organic SEO

New Patient Exposure For Less Than $20

White-Hat Techniques Only
Google Approved Guidelines
1023 Listed Keywords
100% Transparent Reporting
No ContractS

Front-Page Keyword Rankings

What percentage of our client keywords rank on the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

1st Page Placement
Including First POSITION Keywords 74%
2nd Page Placement
3rd Page Placement

What is Technical SEO?


How fast can I see results?

Most of our clients start seeing movement in just three months. We do not want to over-promise, but, even the first few techniques that we implement can give your website a push for a higher rank in just a couple of weeks. With the right budget, most of our clients see at least a few of their keywords on the first page within the first six months.

What is the O360 approach to SEO?

The main factors that helps a website rank higher are usefulness, reputation and engagement level. Many of the features that are sold today like tag optimization or link buildup are not longer important factors. Our job is to protect your investment and allocate your money to what works. The same way we have passed our competitors, we will help you pass yours.

How do I know you guys actually do anything?

By simply looking at the results. We are the only SEO company in the industry that offers a live, independent dashboard that shows the result of our work day by day. While there will be fluctuation in the movements of the keywords, the overall improvement will be visible after a couple of months. 

SEO... Scam or Opportunity?

Have you been told that Google ranks websites based on the number of inbound links? Did you read on blogs that it is all about meta tags, or code optimization? Did you receive an ‘SEO Audit’ that shows how many things are wrong with your website?

What if we told you all those claims are misleading at best and scam at worst?

Bing and Yahoo spent billions of dollars to figure out how Google ranks websites so they can offer the same service. They failed! So, sorry if we don’t buy it when someone from their garage or on their blog announces they have figure out how Google ranks websites!

The fact is that true organic optimization in 2019-2020 means forget about Google and focus on people. Google will catch up if they have not already. That is what we will do for you. That is how we have ranked for 1023 keywords above ALL healthcare competitors. We have the expertise and the drive. There are no contracts and no baseless claims. 100% transparency.

What is Technical SEO?

  1. Competitive Research
  2. User-Friendly Navigation
  3. Meta Tags Optimization
  4. Fixing Website Errors
  5. Complete Technical Analysis Report
  6. User-Friendly 404 Pages
  7. Fast-Loading Pages
  8. Google Authorship Verification
  9. Optimized Titles and Descriptions
  10. Heading Tags
  11. Keyword Analysis
  12. Proper URL Structure
  13. Optimized Internal Links
  14. Keyword Density
  15. Google XML Sitemap
  16. Usability and Accessibility Check
  17. Image Alt Tags
  18. Website Inbound and Outbound Links
  19. Competitive Analysis
  20. Live, Fact-based Statistics Dashboard

What is Off-Site SEO?

  1. Thorough Planning & Strategizing
  2. Do-Follow Link Building from Niche Sites
  3. Local Business Listing on Reputable Sites
  4. Brand Name Promotion on Top Level Sites
  5. Search Engine Submission
  6. Business Reviews on Google Result Page
  7. Social Bookmarking on High Authority Sites
  8. Classified Ads on High Authority and Local Sites
  9. Forum Posting on Niche-Based and High DA sites
  10. Web 2.0 on High DA Sites

What is Content Marketing (SEO)?

  1. Content Optimization on Website Pages
  2. Quora Questions and Answers
  3. RSS Feed for Pages and Blogs
  4. Article Creation & Submission on High Authority Sites
  5. Blog Content Creation
  6. Blog Comments on Niche Based Sites
  7. Boosting Traffic by Promoting Content
  8. Blog/Article Writing and Promotion
  9. Sky-scraping Content Technique
  10. Guest Posting on High PR and High DA Sites

SEO Example

Real Client’s Success in All Specialties

Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery has been practicing in a highly competitive area. Our goal was to win the uphill battle of a saturated area and show on all SERPs (search engine results pages). In turn, help the practice attract new patients!

Location: McAllen, Texas
Specialty: ENT, Facial Plastic Surgery
Timeframe: 1-6 Months
Results: 13+ First-Page Keywords

O360 SEO client example of Ayala Cosmetic Website

SEO Example

The Best in Dentistry

Tulsa Precision Dental has been one of the top dental practices in a saturated area of Tulsa, Oklahoma. To dominate the searches, we recommended Adwords — which has provided higher ROI.

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Specialty: Dentistry
Timeframe: Immediate Activation
Results: 16+ First-Page Keywords
SEO case study example of dental center website o360

SEO Example

Long-Term Results & Relationships

Drs. Fedorciw and Massoumi has been a client for over a decade. They have grown through the years with us and have had continued success in SEO and Google Ads. We value long-term results and clients.

Location: Cromwell, Connecticut
Specialty: Dentistry
Timeframe: 3-6 Months
Results: 25+ Keywords

O360 SEO client example of Dr. Fedorciw and Massoumi

2019 Has been a record breaking year for O360 SEO team.
We can proudly report that 95% of our SEO clients are now on the first page for at least two of their specialty keywords.

Reputation Management

No Login Required to Leave a Review
Remove Invalid or Inaccurate Reviews
Get Alerts Before Review Goes live
Compete with Yelp on the 1st Page
Highlight 5-Star Reviews Quickly

Build a 5-Star Reputation on The First Page of Google.

There are no ways of removing negative reviews from Yelp or Google directly, but, that does not mean you are helpless. O360 offers a powerful method of fighting invalid, malicious, or, inaccurate reviews by offering a way of displaying your great 5-star reviews on the first page of Google often above Yelp reviews. Use our tool to aggressively collect reviews without worrying about them going live before you have a chance to manage unhappy clients.

Reviews Can't Be Ignored Any Longer

Over 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That means if you aren’t paying attention to online reviews and ratings, you could be missing a huge opportunity to build customers’ trust in your dental or medical practice. Everyone will get a bad review from time to time. But, without good reviews to counter that, your whole business could lose thousands of dollars every month. Today’s competitive landscape requires proactive approach to review management. 

We Help You Fight

The best way of fighting a bad reputation online is to push down its source and replace it with good reviews and positive information about your business/practice. Our Reputation Shield is designed to help you achieve this goal. Let’s see how it works first.

How it Works

1. Business Listing

We will create a business listing that is built to solicit reviews and is tailored to your practice. We’ll have all the appropriate information and photos related to your practice. You can import selective number of existing reviews into the page. You can also bring in reviews that may have been given to you on paper, or via a post card etc. 

2. Patient Interaction

Patients will be able to leave glowing reviews without the need to login or create an account. Simple and easy! You can distribute a link to this review page by email, text or via your website. Because you have a chance to look at reviews before they go live, you can push for them aggressively not worrying about getting bad reviews online. 

3. Authenticate Reviews

You will get a chance to see the reviews and decide which ones are accurately portray your practice and make them be public. If there are spam, inaccurate or reviews from non-patient sources trying to damage your business, you simply disapprove them and they will never go public. If they are legitimate poor reviews, you now have a chance to reach out to this unhappy patient and resolve the situation before the reviews goes online. In 90% of cases, doctors are able to change the experience and convince the reviewer to update his/her reviews. It works like an alarm system.

4. SEO Results

We’ll work on optimizing this page, so your listing, with great reviews, will show high on search results…which translates into bringing you new patients! Most of our clients have their review pages above Yelp and Healthcrade results.

Features That Serve You Better!

Easy for Patients

Leaving a review for your business is easy and fast. Unlike other sites, your customers will not be required to establish an account or log-in to leave a review for your business. Since the process is quick, simple and anonymous, your clients may be more likely to complete a review.

Your listing will showcase all of the details and accomplishments you wish to spotlight. This includes comprehensive information about your business, as well as any images, videos or other features you wish to include.

Automatic Alerts

We know you are busy. Our job is to lighten the load and do the heavy lifting while you manage your online reviews as they become available. With our service, you will receive automatic alerts that inform you when a new review is completed online.

Approved by Google

Our review platform is approved and accepted by Google and it is shown on the Google Review panel of summary reviews from internet. See below. 

Google Approval Of Business Reiew Centra On The Map Panel

Compete with Yelp, and Google

See examples below where our Business Review page is ranked close or even above Yelp ranking competing at the highest level possible. 

Keep28 Dental Practice Listing On Brc

Social Media


Get New Patients and Connect to Existing Ones.

Social marketing for doctors is different than how merchandise is promoted on Facebook or Instagram. Not understanding that means thousands of dollars wasted. Socializing online as a business is very different than ‘social marketing’. We can help set-up your practice for success on social networks and manage your investment so you only pay for efforts that promote your practice as the wonderful practice it is.

Connect with new patients via all major social networks. Creating and maintaining a robust social page for your practice is a cost-effective way of growing your practice. Having a presence on multiple social media accounts gives you another opportunity to reach out to patients, build a relationship and create a brand for your medical or dental practice.

medical facebook social page

Social Media for Dentists & Physicians

In the past 10 years, the emergence of Social Media has erupted into a new technological sector of its own. Millions of people are signed on and using these accounts on a daily basis which makes it a strong platform for any marketing campaign. Creating an account, page or listing is virtually free while putting your medical or dental practice on the map. Great social media accounts for advertising and marketing include:

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Blogger

Having a presence on multiple social media accounts gives you another opportunity to reach out to patients, build a relationship and create a brand for your medical or dental practice.

Attract & Interact


We’ll completely customize your Facebook Profile with customized banners, profile pictures and status posts.

Get Reviews

It’s hard to get reviews from the web, but patients are on Facebook almost daily, why not get reviews here?

Location And Map

Your address and location will be searchable on Facebook where patients can easily locate the office.

Custom Posts

Have an announcement? Simply let us know, we’ll make the posting on your behalf. We’ll link your website and photos to your Facebook.


Current or prospective patients will be able to interact with your office by commenting, posting and “Liking” your profile. Extend your network by communicating with locals.

o360 work portfolio project example

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Monthly Blogging

Take your social media presence to another level.


Our talented team of creative writers will research, outline and write custom content based on your ideas. We’ve written thousands of articles ranging from healthcare procedures to interesting doctor biographies.


You’ll get one article per month that will be written and posted onto your website. Not only will it be organized on your site, but will be posted to all your social media profiles that we manage. Patients will be able to read and comment on different material. You’ll be able to comment back as well!


Blogging has worked for SEO, marketing and simply for comprehensive reasons. Patients will visit your site more often and stay on your site for longer periods of time.

Ready for more patients?
Let's move forward together.