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According to modern color theory, everyday colors have a significant impact on human behavior. Colors can instantaneously influence our decision-making and our perceptions of a person, brand or establishment in a matter of moments. That is why selecting the right color for your medical, or dental website is important in the few seconds you have to make a mark on potential patients.


The Number One Color

Example of a Blue Dental Website

Example of a Blue Dental Website

Different shades of blues have been very popular among dental websites for years for a reason. Blue is the color of trust and intelligence. It’s a no-brainer why a lot of professionals choose to be associated with this color. Dentists want to make their patients feel comforted and know that they’re in good hands. According to Professor Jill Morton’s research in color psychology, “blue is the #1 favorite color of all people”. When selecting a dentist people are a little on edge and need the assurance that your medical or dental office will be professional, clean and honest.


Peaceful and Honest

White website

Example of a White Dental Website

White websites are often wide, open and very clean. Typically it has straight lines and eludes a sense light and purity. Dentists, who choose white websites, are interested in conveying the message that they have a clean office environment, and they are very open about their business practices. There are no gimmicks, and they have nothing to hide. That attracts a lot of new patients who appeal to modernity, honesty, and transparency.


Warm and Inviting Medical or Dental Websites

Example of a Brown Dental Website

Example of a Brown Dental Website

Dentists who select website themes that are associated with brown, beige, tan, taupe are often reflecting an image of a small town, homely feel. This type of website style is great for a private practice in small towns looking to attract patients who are more traditional. This color scheme is naturally inviting without being pretentious. It provides a comforting feeling that a new patient can wander around and get familiar with the practice.


For the Environmentally Aware Dentists

Example of a Green Dental Website

Example of a Green Dental Website

The color green shows up throughout nature in all different shades. Green represents the color of environmentally conscience and eco-friendly dentists. Choosing the color green is great for medical or dental practices who are trying to convey their political views on “Going Green”. That will easily communicate to their patients that they are consciously aware of the environment and our planet. Green websites will appeal to new dental patients who are interested in a more natural, and organic medical or dental experience.


Use it Sparingly or Not at All

Example of a Red Dental Website

Example of a Red Dental Website

Red makes an excellent accent color to give your website a little pop, however; a mainly red medical or dental website theme could be fatal. The color red can easily scare away patients who are reluctant to grab a seat in the medical or dental chair. Throughout society, the color red is used to convey messages of danger, pain, and anger. According to color psychologists, “Being surrounded by too much of the color red can cause us to become irritated, agitated and ultimately angry.” These are the last feelings a dentist should evoke from existing and potentially new patients.  Although, red can also symbolize power and strength it may be hard to deter the negative emotions that has been associated with it and should be avoided altogether.


Now that we’ve deconstructed the different meanings behind colors of medical or dental websites you can make a more informed decision when choosing a website design. It’s important to choose a color for your dental website that is reflective of your medical or dental office and consistent with your brand image. To recap, blue is a popularly used color for medical or dental websites because of its message of integrity and professionalism. White is peaceful, brown is warm and inviting, and green is eco-friendly. If you insist on using the color red for any reason remember to use it sparingly. Understanding the role color plays with human emotions will now help guide you when choosing a medical or dental website color and design.

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