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Help your funeral home reach the grieving families that are in need of your services with a custom-designed website that displays your compassion and specialty. A customized site will show visitors that you aren’t just another business reaching for customers but an end-of-life service helping them give a respectful end to their loved one’s life. Your design will show your visitors that you’re the right one to help them honor the deceased with compassion and care.

The 5 Elements of
Website Success

Stand out with a unique, custom website that is built from scratch. No templates, no pre-made layouts. Attract, impress, and convert visitors to patients. A truly custom design that is a genuine representation of your skills, high-quality service and caring personality, will do wonders for your practice.

Beat the competition building a powerful website that loads quickly, is developed with optimized code, adapts to any screen size instantly, and, is compatible with your practice management software. Protect your website against hackers with top-of-the-line firewalls and anti-hacking software.

Protect your practice and your patients’ information by using the most advanced security platform offered by O360 and backed by giants like Amazon and Microsoft. Here are a few examples. HIPAA Compliant Emails, SSL/HTTPS Encryption and Certificates and Accessibility Plugin that follows the American with Disability Act guidelines.

Contact your dedicated, live, US-Based support team from to make unlimited on-demand updates to the content and images of your website. Enjoy full access to an easy-to-use online editor, webmail, and interactive reporting of your website visitors connected directly to Google Analytics.

Take advantage of a personalized plan that includes all you need to attract new patients. Spend less, and get more while having access to a 100% transparent reporting system. Enjoy higher ROI through O360’s advanced techniques in Organic Search Optimization (SEO), Google Ads Management (PPC), Social Media Marketing (Facebook and Instagram Ads), and, Blogging. 




Patient Visits




Google Rating

Custom Website Design

Stand out from the Competition
Design from Scratch
Showcase high-End Technology
Display Certificates & Degree
Convert Visitors to Patients

For You and Only You. Never Duplicated.

A unique website tailored to your practice will help connect you with customers the services you provide, including grief support, funeral pre-planning, and more. Families reaching your site will take comfort in gathering information about the various options that exist for deathcare for their departed loved ones. Sites tailored to the businesses they represent help connect with customers more effectively, and since it’s unique, it will always be yours.

Educational Videos

Increase Case Acceptance
Improve Visitor Conversion
Save Staff Chair-Side Time
Prepare Patients for Treatment
Educate Patients With Options

Get More Treatment Plans Accepted by Patients

A comprehensive library of videos on topics relating to deathcare is an excellent way to help the grieving understand the internment process. Educate your visitors on topics including cremation, embalming, and living urn options, and the rules surrounding the keeping and spreading of ashes. The library contains a comprehensive list of videos on the entire range of services provided by funeral homes and can be hosted on your website.

Advanced Technology

Latest HTML5, & CSS3 languages
Optimized Code and Framework
Compatible with Practice Software
Designed for High Performance
360 icon

Own the Best Performing Website in Your Area.

A medical or dental website requires performance that is a true reflection of the quality of care the practice offers. A slow website, with low-quality content and images, presents a less than optimal image of the practice, doctors and the team. You deserve a website as sophisticated, efficient and hard working as you are. In a crowded field of competitors, every details counts. We get that. 

Mobile Responsive

Instant Size Adaptation
Fast Mobile Page Load
Touch Screen Response
Click-to-Call Capability
Direct Map Connection
for mobile responsive designs, look to optimized360

Get New Patients Through All Devices.

Access busy patients, constantly on the “go”, with attractive responsive websites that are the way of the future. These adaptive sites making it possible for the patients to move from one appointment to the next. Google is moving to ‘mobile first indexing’. That means they will rank all websites based on how they appear and read on a smartphone. Upgrade your online presence to an adaptive website that functions and looks great on all phones and tablets.

HIPAA Emails

Fully Compliant Servers
Updated Required Agreement
Backed by Microsoft
Works with All Email Clients
HIPAA Approved Encryption
Hipaa Compliant Logo

Protect Your Practice, as Well As Your Patient Information.

HIPAA rules requires all communications related to patients to be handled following specific criteria. This is not limited to sensitive information. Even appointment related communications fall under the rules. Upgrade your email accounts to HIPAA Emails and avoid significant fines or potential lawsuits. Our HIPAA emails are full compliant and backed by written contracts by Microsoft. HIPAA compliant forms are also an available option.

Website Accessibility

Be More Accessible
Get More Patients
Qualify for $5000 Tax Credit
Avoid Being a Target
Do the Right Thing

Make Your Website More Accessible to More Patients.

Upgrade your website to include an accessibility plugin built based on the American with Disabilities Act guidelines. Get a tax credit of up to $5,000 for the update (most practices easily qualify). While an attorney should determine what is considered legally ‘enough’ in your specific case, the Accessibility Plugin goes a long way making your site usable by millions of patients who may have visual or other impairments. Our technology is the best in our industry.

Enterprise Hosting

Cloud-Based Servers
No Bandwidth Limits
Managed Daily BackupS
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Full Domain Management

Don't Lose a Single Patient.

Every year doctors lose millions of dollars in unearned revenue because their websites are not available when needed by patients. Losing even one patient because your website is slow, incompatible, or worst, not online is unacceptable to us. At O360 when it comes to investing in infrastructure, or backend systems, no corners are cut and no expenses are spared. We use the best, and pay for the best that is available in the market. Your website is as important as ours.

SSL Encryption

Approved SSL Certificates
Healthcare Grade HTTPS
Prevents Access Denied Page
Annual Renewal Management
Compliance Guaranteed
Ssl Secure Website Screenshot With Mobile Version

Complete Protection for a Peace of Mind.

Avoid being blocked by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our Healthcare-Grade SSL Certificates will get you the green safety lock that is required by all modern browsers since 2019. The HTTPS encryption will protect your visitors private information as well. We will take care of ALL the payments, renewals and the implementations.

Advanced Tools

24/7 Online Editor
Add/Edit Pages
POP-Ups Sections
Drag-n-Drop Page Builder
On-Demand Updates

Make Changes When You Want, The Way You Want.

Enjoy full control and access your website 24/7 to add, remove, edit pages, content and images. Use the popular and globally accessible Wordpress Content Management System along with the most popular Drag and Drop Page Builder in the world called Elementor. But, do not worry if you prefer us to make changes for you that is included in your monthly service. Simply contact us online, by email or by phone. We will take care of you quickly.

Concierge Support

US-Based Live Team
24/7 Ticket System
Quick Turn-Around
Unlimited Content Updates
Hack & Attack Recovery
Support Icon white logo

Save Time and Money and Get What You Need Fast

Enjoy UNLIMITED on-demand updates to the content and images of your site anytime you need. It will be done quickly and at no additional charge. See why hundreds of doctors left our support team 5-star reviews. While our competitors are automating, outsourcing, or simply cutting support personnel, we just finished another round of hiring US support specialists at our California headquarter to make our short turn-around time, even faster.

Design Process

So what happens after you place your order? 
We understand that you are busy taking care of patients. We have a streamlined process to help our clients get their websites up and running as quickly and as efficiently as possible. There are four simple steps. You will have a dedicated US-Based Account Manager that will coordinate every single step for you. Our managers only take care of a few clients at a time. She/He will be focused on your project which will result in a high-quality final product. We are not satisfied unless you are.
Collage Devices Oral Surgery Website

1. Plan

We will draw up the game plan for your website.

2. Design

See creativity in action. Your vision will come to life.

3. Develop

Your new website is turned into a great marketing tool!

4. Customize

Launch your website and continue growing!

Ownership &
Area Exclusivity

Protect Your Brand
Maintain Control
Secure Your Investment
Stop Duplications
Move At Any Time

And last but not least, maintain control and protect your brand by owning your website and making sure your design will be unique in your area. O360 is the only company that uses up-to-date design standards and globally accepted platforms like Wordpress which enables us to offer design ownership and area exclusivity.

Website Package Header

All You Need in a Single Package, Customized for You

Custom Design
Built From Scratch
Dedicated Designer
Mobile Responsive
Design Ownership
Area Exclusivity

Visual Effects
Video Background
Interactive Gallery
Custom Inner Pages
Educational Videos*

Advanced Tools
24/7 Online Editor
Modern Page Builder
Unlimited Pages
Live Reporting

Security & Accessibility
HTTPS Encryption
SSL Certificate
Accessibility Plugin
Online Forms

Advanced Technology 
Cloud-Based Servers 
Healthcare Compatible
HTML5 & CSS3 Coding 
Speed Optimization 

Technical Optimization
Search Submission
Google Analytics 
XML & HTML Sitemap 
Google Data & Console

Monthly Maintenance
Concierge Support
Live U.S. Based
On-Demand Updates
Simple Online Editor
Unlimited Pages

Enterprise Hosting
Cloud-Based Servers
Domain Management
Popular Page Builder
Live Visitor Reporting

Secure Servers
HIPAA Email Hosting
Uptime Monitoring
Managed Backups
Hack & Spam Prevention

Marketing Options 
Google Organic Ranking
Targeted Landing Pages
Local Listing Optimization
Keyword Focused

Immediate Exposure
Google, Bing & Yahoo Ads
Smart Keyword Control
Low Cost Per Patient

Facebook, Google, Twitter
Accurate Patient Targeting
Reputation Management
Custom Profile Pages

And the Final Element...

Impact Marketing

Now that your website is a designed and ready it is time to start attracting new patients. Each practice needs a custom designed marketing plan that focuses on low-cost, high-impact solutions. A personalized campaign will be developed by our healthcare marketing experts. Based on your goals, and preferences, will use a combination of SEO, PPC, local listing, social marketing and reputation management to promote your practice online. Our plans are flexible, efficient, and 100% transparent. There are NO contracts.


Search Engine Optimization

  • Organic Ranking on Google
  • Takes Time but Lasts Longer
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Targeted Landing Pages
  • Local Listing Optimization


Per Per Patient Visits Only

  • Immediate Exposure & Results
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo Ads
  • Faster Return on Investment
  • Control Over Keywords
  • Low Cost Per Patient


Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook, Google, Twitter
  • Exposure to Specific Patients
  • Smaller Initial Investment
  • Accurate Patient Targeting
  • Reputation & Review Mgmt.

Reputation Management

No Login Required to Leave a Review
Remove Invalid or Inaccurate Reviews
Get Alerts Before Review Goes live
Compete with Yelp on the 1st Page
Highlight 5-Star Reviews Quickly

Build a 5-Star Reputation on The First Page of Google.

There are no ways of removing negative reviews from Yelp or Google directly, but, that does not mean you are helpless. O360 offers a powerful method of fighting invalid, malicious, or, inaccurate reviews by offering a way of displaying your great 5-star reviews on the first page of Google often above Yelp reviews. Use our tool to aggressively collect reviews without worrying about them going live before you have a chance to manage unhappy clients.


Pay Per Patient Ads

The Lowest Per Patient Cost
High-Quality Patients
Quick Return on Investment
Flat-Fee Management
No Contract!
Google data studio report of a PPC campaign for dr dublin dental ranch o360 client

Only Pay When a Patient Who Needs Your Service Visits Your Site.

So many doctors and dentists have given up on online marketing because of wasteful spending by amateur marketers with no results. We’ve control cost and with focused geo and demographic targeting and ultra accurate filtering that has improved the conversion rate significantly. We have managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in dental and medical marketing campaigns through the years. We will protect your money the way we do ours. 100% Transparency. No contracts.

Social Media


Get New Patients and Connect to Existing Ones.

Social marketing for doctors is different than how merchandize are promoted on Facebook or Instagram. Not understanding that means thousands of dollars wasted. Socializing online as a business is very different than ‘social marketing’. We can help set-up your practice for success on social networks and manage your investment so you only pay for efforts that promote your practice as the wonderful practice it is.


Search Engine Optimization

White-Hat Techniques Only
Google Approved Guidelines
1023 Listed Keywords
100% Transparent Reporting
No ContractS

SEO... Scam or Opportunity?

Have you been told that Google ranks websites based on the number of inbound links? Did you read on blogs that it is all about meta tags, or code optimization? Did you receive an ‘SEO Audit’ that shows how many things are wrong with your website?

What if we told you all those claims are misleading at best and scams at worst?

Bing and Yahoo spent billions of dollars to figure out how Google ranks websites so they can offer the same service. They failed! So, sorry if we don’t buy it when someone from their garage or on their blog announces they have figure out how Google ranks websites!

The fact is that true organic optimization in 2019-2020 means forget about Google and focus on people. Google will catch up if they have not already. That is what we will do for you. That is how we have ranked for 1023 keywords above ALL healthcare competitors. We have the expertise and the drive. There are no contracts, and no baseless claims. 100% transparency.

Ready for more patients?
Let's move forward together.

The Experience

Kikuchi Oral Surgery - Dr. Matthew Kikuchi Dr. Niloo - Oakton Smiles Website o360 client website example testimonial and review

“..was a little hesitant…WOW have I been impressed..”

“I must say initially I was a little hesitant since there was not that much face to face interaction but having gone through 2 other web designers I decided to give it a go and WOW have I been impressed. Matthew has been absolutely amazing in delivery, explanation and ideas. I am about 3 weeks into the redesign and about 90% done. The site went live today and it really looks good. I am so excited to get some traffic going on this website because I believe it looks and feels like my office when your not physically there. All I can say is that it was the best experience I have had with anything technology.”


Dental Patient Education Videos

Medical Patient Education Video Sample