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Capture patients looking for skin treatment with a website that has an aesthetic that highlights your services in a way that stands out form your competition. Experience high conversion of visitors looking for cosmetic, anti-aging or other skincare treatments with a custom designed site. Custom designs help demonstrate why you’re the best choice for dermatology treatments for your visitors.

Custom Website Design

Stand out from the Competition
Design from Scratch
Showcase high-End Technology
Display Certificates & Degree
Convert Visitors to Patients

For You and Only You. Never Duplicated.

A site specifically tailored to your practice ensures your visitors get a solid feel for your practice that will entice them to become patients. It will demonstrate how your practice can provide treatments and cures for the skincare pathology you specialize in. Everything you provide for your patients will be highlighted so your visitors know what your practice can offer them.




Patient Visits




Google Rating

HIPAA Emails

Fully Compliant Servers
Updated Required Agreement
Backed by Microsoft
Works with All Email Clients
HIPAA Approved Encryption
Hipaa Compliant Logo

Protect Your Practice, as Well As Your Patient Information.

Give visitors the confidence of knowing their information is protected with a HIPAA compliant site. Patients are free to safely make appointments, get notifications of prescription refills, and check lab results with HIPAA approved encryption. Receive information easily and securely when patients use HIPAA compliant forms as part of their care plan.

Educational Videos

Increase Case Acceptance
Improve Visitor Conversion
Save Staff Chair-Side Time
Prepare Patients for Treatment
Educate Patients With Options

Get More Treatment Plans Accepted by Patients

Educate your visitors with a comprehensive suite of informational videos hosted on your site, demonstrating the benefits of working with your office. By providing understanding the medical and scientific facts behind their skincare concerns patients are able to get the most out of their medical and cosmetic care. An extensive library of videos is available for you to select from to truly personalize your site.

Advanced Technology

Latest HTML5, & CSS3 languages
Optimized Code and Framework
Compatible with Practice Software
Designed for High Performance
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Own the Best Performing Website in Your Area.

The optimization of code in a website ensures a robust framework for providing valuable information to your visitors. Modern web technology gives your site the ability to connect with your visitors through text alerts, fax, and email to deliver information regarding appointment dates, prescriptions, and more. Up to date technology ensures that your visitors will find your site accessible and relevant.

Mobile Responsive

Instant Size Adaptation
Fast Mobile Page Load
Touch Screen Response
Click-to-Call Capability
Direct Map Connection
Two Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery Mobile Websites

Get New Patients Through All Devices.

Get the best ranking by catering to mobile users with a responsive website that accommodates the predominant method of web searching today. Provide powerful ways for these users to find your office with direct map connections and reach out to your click-to-call options through a touch screen interface. Build confidence in your visitors by providing a site that responds to their lives by staying in line with growing browsing trends.

Enterprise Hosting

Cloud-Based Servers
No Bandwidth Limits
Managed Daily BackupS
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Full Domain Management

Don't Lose a Single Patient.

Ensure your patients will always be able to reach your website with hosting that provides unlimited bandwidth. Make sure your site’s information is protected with daily backups that protect your information no matter what happens. Your site will never be unavailable with our 24/7 Uptime Monitoring, showing your patients a reliability and consistency that will leave them feeling confident in your services.

Website Accessibility

Be More Accessible
Get More Patients
Qualify for $5000 Tax Credit
Avoid Being a Target
Do the Right Thing

Make Your Website More Accessible to More Patients.

Show your special needs patients that you’re there for them with an accessible website that accommodates their needs. A suite of accessibility plugins will make your page easy to use and available for all your patients. Benefit from a $5000 tax credit available to sites that provide accessible sites.

SSL Encryption

Approved SSL Certificates
Healthcare Grade HTTPS
Prevents Access Denied Page
Annual Renewal Management
Compliance Guaranteed
Ssl Secure Website Screenshot With Mobile Version

Complete Protection for a Peace of Mind.

SSL encryption provides a secure platform for your patients information and your interactions with them. SSL certificates provide proof of SSL compliance that give your patients the confidence to share sensitive information through your website. Healthcare Grade HTTPS brings a green safety lock that provides a visual indicator that your visitors can rely on, and is maintained painlessly with our annual management services.

Advanced Tools

24/7 Online Editor
Add/Edit Pages
POP-Ups Sections
Drag-n-Drop Page Builder
On-Demand Updates

Make Changes When You Want, The Way You Want.

Alter your websites content at any time with our 24/7 online editor that provides tools to add and remove pop-up sections, and pages, editing them at your leisure. The powerful Elementor component of Wordpress allows you the convenience of building pages with a drag-and-drop interface. Make the changes yourself or contact our team through our online ticket system, email, or by phone at any time.

Concierge Support

US-Based Live Team
24/7 Ticket System
Quick Turn-Around
Unlimited Content Updates
Hack & Attack Recovery
Support Icon white logo

Save Time and Money and Get What You Need Fast

Experience the confidence of a support team that’s available through our ticket system at any time or night or day. Defend against cyber-attacks with our robust recovery system and assistance from our California-based support team. Request content updates, ask about security concerns, and get any other support you need with our concierge support team.

Design Process

Spend your valuable time working with your patients and addressing their concerns by leveraging our four step process to easily get your website up and running. Experience personalized customer service with an account manager that’s dedicated to getting results for you and your business. Be confident that your website is looking its best by going through the process with them every step of the way. Your website will be high-quality and designed to help boost your business and the effectiveness of your marketing dollar thanks to a personalized design.

Collage Devices Oral Surgery Website

1. Plan

We will draw up the game plan for your website.

2. Design

See creativity in action. Your vision will come to life.

3. Develop

Your new website is turned into a great marketing tool!

4. Customize

Launch your website and continue growing!

Ownership &
Area Exclusivity

Protect Your Brand
Maintain Control
Secure Your Investment
Stop Duplications
Move At Any Time

Maintain complete control over the design of your site and ownership of your brand through the Wordpress platform. You’ll never lose the money, time, and energy that you invested and the ability to move your site at any time. Your brand and site will remain locally exclusive and unique through the Wordpress platform.

And the Final Element...

Impact Marketing

Your website will be augmented with high impact marketing plans that will draw new patients to your business. Experience the benefit of a plan that brings low-expense solutions combined with effective, up-to-date strategies. Local listings, social marketing, SEO, and reputation management combined to reach patients that need your services and are within your area. Rest easy knowing there’s never a contract to bind you to a plan.


Search Engine Optimization

  • Organic Ranking on Google
  • Takes Time but Lasts Longer
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Targeted Landing Pages
  • Local Listing Optimization


Per Per Patient Visits Only

  • Immediate Exposure & Results
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo Ads
  • Faster Return on Investment
  • Control Over Keywords
  • Low Cost Per Patient


Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook, Google, Twitter
  • Exposure to Specific Patients
  • Smaller Initial Investment
  • Accurate Patient Targeting
  • Reputation & Review Mgmt.
Website Package Header

All You Need in a Single Package, Customized for You

Custom Design
Built From Scratch
Dedicated Designer
Mobile Responsive
Design Ownership
Area Exclusivity

Visual Effects
Video Background
Interactive Gallery
Custom Inner Pages
Educational Videos*

Advanced Tools
24/7 Online Editor
Modern Page Builder
Unlimited Pages
Live Reporting

Security & Accessibility
HTTPS Encryption
SSL Certificate
Accessibility Plugin
Online Forms

Advanced Technology 
Cloud-Based Servers 
Healthcare Compatible
HTML5 & CSS3 Coding 
Speed Optimization 

Technical Optimization
Search Submission
Google Analytics 
XML & HTML Sitemap 
Google Data & Console

Monthly Maintenance
Concierge Support
Live U.S. Based
On-Demand Updates
Simple Online Editor
Unlimited Pages

Enterprise Hosting
Cloud-Based Servers
Domain Management
Popular Page Builder
Live Visitor Reporting

Secure Servers
HIPAA Email Hosting
Uptime Monitoring
Managed Backups
Hack & Spam Prevention

Marketing Options 
Google Organic Ranking
Targeted Landing Pages
Local Listing Optimization
Keyword Focused

Immediate Exposure
Google, Bing & Yahoo Ads
Smart Keyword Control
Low Cost Per Patient

Facebook, Google, Twitter
Accurate Patient Targeting
Reputation Management
Custom Profile Pages

The Experience

Elite Dermatology Website and Dr. Connie Wang

“Working with Charles at optimized 360 has been amazing. First they cost about 35% of what other companies charge. Second he built a PERFECT website on the first try and has tirelessly worked to continuously change it to meet our specifications. Overall couldn’t be happy or recommend Charles/Optimized 360 more!!! P.S. (we are a medical doctors office)”


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