Creating Effective Ad Copy for Your Online Dental Marketing Efforts

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If you’ve talked to a marketing team anytime in the last five years, chances are you’ve heard them mention that “content is king.” Nothing could be more true. Content is absolutely crucial to the success of your dental marketing. In fact, without good content, you might as well kiss any success goodbye.

When we say content is king, however, we don’t mean just any content. It’s important to remember that content should still be good content. But what makes content good or bad? The Key to determining if something is good content is to become a pro at empathizing with your audience. Understand their needs and motivations and how you can meet those. Without a solid understanding of those factors, most dental marketing strategies fail. But when you understand and empathize with your audience you have the potential to create a website and ad copy that truly makes a difference.

Know Your Audience

Before creating any ad copy or content for your website, it’s important that you understand your audience. Just because everyone needs dental care doesn’t mean everyone needs the same dental care. Your practice is unique and you cater to a specific subset of your community seeking dental care.

For example, if you’re a cosmetic dentist located in Los Angeles, you know that majority of your clientele will have a high income. They’ll expect certain amenities from your practice and want to know what those are. So when you’re creating ad copy to appeal to this persona – a wealthy person seeking a luxury dental experience – you’ll want your photos and copy to reflect that.

Tell this persona what you have to offer. Perhaps it’s exceptional service, high-end refreshments, and a calming experience during procedures. Additionally, the photos you use should reflect that high end feel. They might have a filter that compliments your website and reflects your personality as a business.

Create Content That’s Understandable

Have you ever stumbled upon a website in search of an answer to a question you’re asking, only to be totally disappointed by what you find? The content reads as if it were written for a scholarly journal instead of your average American citizen.

It’s impossible to dredge through the information and instead of taking the time to do that you likely left the website and headed over to something that was easier to understand. There are plenty of competitors out there, so it’s important to remember that if you don’t meet a consumer’s needs, your competitor will. And in the end, they will gain the business that you were seeking.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity


Focusing on quality over quantity when creating content for your medical marketing strategy


How often have you been told that one of the best medical marketing ideas out is SEO – search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is the process of writing content that appeals to both readers and search engines that rank it. Google is the dominant search engine. It looks at factors like the title of your web page, the content on the page, and frequently mentioned terms that indicate what the page is about.

Oftentimes medical practices are told to write extra long articles to accentuate their medical marketing. Unfortunately, when someone is told to stick to a certain length, quality can suffer. The best thing you can do when it comes to writing content is to focus on quality. The majority of the time when you’re focusing on quality, length will follow.

Make It Relatable

When you’re writing content make sure it’s relatable. This helps to ensure that whatever you’re writing is something that will be read, used, and remembered by readers. Content that’s relatable should be written to appeal to a certain persona.

For example, let’s say you’re a cosmetic dentist. Many marketing ideas for dental care providers circumvent around the idea of developing content that appeals to readers. You might want to create a piece of content that details teeth whitening.

A relatable piece of content will tell the reader what the benefits are, the basics of how teeth whitening works, and what a patient can expect from the procedure. This is not the place to write a detailed scientific explanation of teeth whitening. It will fall flat and not appeal to the persona of an individual looking for teeth whitening.

Give Examples

Examples help you create copy that is memorable. Individuals seeking dental services need to see what they might be getting. Examples can and should include photos that provide a clear picture of what a situation was like and what your dental services can do.

Along with your photo examples a clearly written description should also tell what the photos are depicting. This assists with more than just marketing, it helps those who may be hearing or visually impaired with accessibility to your website.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is the absolute crux of all medical marketing. Without simplicity, you risk intimidating potential patients and turning them off of your services. Through simplicity in your messaging you will tell a story, illustrate results, and motivate visitors to your website and those viewing ad copy to take action.

Use Graphics


Graphics being created for content concerning medical marketing ideas


Graphics play an important part in your ad copy. High-quality images make a huge impact on advertising efforts. And while they don’t require ad writing, they do work to accentuate whatever copy has been written.

Fact Check

If you’re creating content and ads that use facts to appeal to your audience, be sure to fact check and cite every fact you rely on. This helps to ensure you look credible and can back up your claim should someone challenge you.

Hire a Knowledgeable Team

It takes a skilled individual to create quality ad copy for medical professionals. While someone might be a good copywriter, it’s important that they also have a medical background that allows them to create high-quality content that is factually correct.

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