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Overview of the Design

Neurosurgery is a complex field of medicine. Patients and referring providers typically choose a surgeon based on the weight of his credentials and qualifications. In this neurosurgery web design, we used a conventional layout with user-friendly navigation so as not to distract from the primary message of the site. This included a traditional menu bar and minimal home page text that highlighted two important points – the aptitude of the physician and the types of services he provides.

This site serves as a digital brochure for Dr. Syed, with a comprehensive, but succinct biography page, as well as two pages dedicated to the conditions he treats and the types of services he provides. Finally, we rounded out the site with an area dedicated to real patient testimonials followed by a contact page with directions and phone numbers for each of three regional offices.

Use of Colors

This website is professional, concise, and modern. It acknowledges the significance of choosing a well-qualified and highly trained board-certified neurosurgeon while helping visitors better understand what sets Dr. Syed apart from other surgeons. We stuck to shades of blue, gray and white, which contrast nicely with the medical imagery used throughout the site. These colors are non-threatening and calming, but they also exude a sense of professionalism and expertise.

Analysis of Design Elements

One of the site’s premium features is its reactive home page diagram. Designed to reflect the role of the nervous system in the body, this diagram contains a brain and spine at its core with connections to multiple conditions and neurosurgical treatments related to them. Images within the diagram light up when selected. This serves as a unique custom internal menu unlike those available from out-of-the-box web templates.

Marketing Aspect

Many people in search of a neurosurgeon already have a diagnosis or a belief that the condition they are suffering with is a result of a problem within the nervous system. They are looking for facts and specific reasons for choosing a particular surgeon over another. That is why this website is all about the doctor, who takes a prominent position with a large portrait on the home page. As a board certified surgeon, Dr. Syed shares a brief but thorough background on his practice. There is also an overview of his impressive credentials and a link to find more information in his biography.

Integrated patient testimonials provide a real-life glimpse into the experiences of patients. Since neurosurgery is a complex field of medicine, sometimes it helps for potential patients to hear from happy patients in their own words.

Finally, this neurosurgery website serves a broad region that spans three different counties. For this reason, we immediately listed each of the office locations available and presented them to viewers along with a contract phone number at the top of the page.

Image the Website Represents

The images in this site set the backdrop and deliver subtle messages about the practice to viewers. Pictures of spinal x-rays, technicians, and surgeons in action leave no question about the nature of this practice.

Neurosurgery Website Designed by Optimized360

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