Wilkes Buttenbaum Orthodontics Web Design Project

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Wilkes Buttenbaum Orthodontics Web Design Project


Overview of the Design

As an orthodontic practice, Wilkes Buttenbaum provides both functional and cosmetic care for its patients. Patients and potential patients who visit the practice website are often concerned with the appearance of their teeth and how orthodontic treatment might improve it. Here at Optimized360, we knew we needed to develop a custom orthodontic website that provided all the information viewers are looking for while also emphasizing all of the beautiful results many patients have achieved by undergoing this important treatment.

We opted for a traditional layout with a traditional width and margins. A scrolling header image and a stand-out tagline underscores what the practice is all about – healthy smiles and beautiful faces. Next, we offer a brief introduction to the practice and the types of services it provides, as well as links to additional information about the office and team.

Use of Colors

Blue and green were chosen for this website. These are universally appreciated colors that do not come off as offensive or brash. In fact, blue can be very calming and reflect a sense of professionalism and sterility – two things often associated with successful orthodontic practices. A white font provides subtle reference to the beautiful, bright white smile many people enjoy after undergoing orthodontic treatment at Wilkes Buttenbaum Orthodontics.

Analysis of Design Elements

We moved the navigation menu on this custom orthodontic website from the upper portion of the site over to the side, which creates a more custom appearance. We also implemented curves rather than hard edges all throughout the website, from subtle traces in the background to prominent line breaks within the home page itself. This softens the image of the practice and makes it seem more approachable for patients of all ages. Other unique design elements include a custom tour of the office, as well as an animated dental video library for patient reference.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing for orthodontists is all about attracting the attention of potential patients – specifically teens and young to middle-aged adults. For these individuals, two things are important: credentials and results. That is why we put the logos of affiliated prestigious dental organizations on the home page along with awards the practice has been honored to receive from respectable organizations like Philadelphia Magazine. We also included an entire section of the site that is dedicated to the before-and-after results of real orthodontic patients. This allows potential patients to put themselves in the shoes of previous patients to better understand the types of results they might expect to receive.

Image the Website Reflects

The image of this custom orthodontic web design is one that appeals to all types of patients. It uses carefully selected pictures to speak to its target demographic, which is usually children, young adults, and parents. Since this site is highly informational, there are fewer pictures than might be found on some other practice website. Those that are featured on the site, however, put all of the attention where it belongs – on the beautiful, healthy smiles of its patients.

Wilkes Buttenbaum Orthodontics Designed by Optimized360