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Dr. Jordan Luskin and Dr. Craig Peterson both manage the only Urolift Center in all of Colorado. The Urolift System is a minimally invasive treatment approach to treating various prostate issues. Both doctors use advanced ultrasound technology to provide an exceptional, caring experience for all their patients. At the forefront of prostate care in Colorado, we made sure to highlight the cutting-edge service that sets them apart from the competition.

Design Overview


The website has a modern appeal, using rich special effects to create a memorable first impression on the viewers. Since both doctors work with a very specific niche, it is especially important to highlight testimonials, reviews, and other service information to help persuade the incoming website visitors. The top half of the home page displays a rotating image gallery that highlights the different services offered at San Juan Urology. The bottom half of the home page is comprised of the team’s mission statement along with a short breakdown of available treatment options.

Use of Color

To match the overarching theme of modern technology, we implemented a color scheme comprised of white and blue to help readers visualize the specialty at hand. This color theme also goes hand and hand with our personalized logo as well. When patients visit a specific niche website such as this, you want to make sure to establish a sense of hope and credibility as soon as possible. White presents the website as professional while the blue ensures a sense of hope for the site visitors.

Design Elements

As with all our websites, space is expertly managed to help establish harmony with the surrounding text and images. We used square borders throughout the website to establish appropriate spacing between text and images. When you scroll over an item on the services tab, you will notice that it glosses over as well. The navigation menu features a drop-down element that expands when you scroll over it. This helps to keep information clean and organized. When you shrink the web page, this navigation menu decompresses into a hamburger menu – perfect for mobile devices as well.

Marketing Aspect

Prostate Survey Screenshot

San Juan Urology offers an online prostate survey to help screen and diagnose certain prostate issues. Not only is this a great way to engage with your audience, but this also shows credibility and compassion from the doctors themselves. This survey can be a great way to turn first-time web visitors into lifelong patients. Connecting with patients on a personal and intimate level can make a huge difference when it comes to healthcare professionals. With so many different options available, you have to make your product stand out among the rest. The patient information tab also features all the additional forms patients will need to bring before visiting the Colorado natives. If you are a returning patient, there is a patient portal as well.

Image the Website Represents

This site represents a very minimalist and to the point facility that wants to start helping patients handle their dental concerns quickly and without a lot of marketing.  Direct while remaining friendly, this is a great site for those looking for a low-bandwidth way to provide useful content to their visitors. The images are inviting and calming – nothing is hidden from the site visitors. At the end of the day, the website represents the approachable, professional mannerisms of the Colorado natives.

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