San Antonio Pediatric Dentistry Web Design Project

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San Antonio Pediatric Dentistry Web Design Project

Children often have a fear of heading to the dentist, and in our digital age having a page you take your children to that is designed to assuage those fears and show them a happy and welcoming environment can help build a solid relationship with their dental care practitioners. This was foremost in our thoughts when we started working on Kid’s World Pediatric Dentistry’s website, and the result is a fun and accessible site that will be a great experience for kids and parents alike.

Overview Of The Design

This design includes lots of bright colors and kid-friendly themes, creating a bright and engaging experience for visitors. Information is easily available and navigation is streamlined to help guide visitors through the site for the knowledge they need to ease the worries of themselves and their children.

Use Of Colors

The foundation colors of the website are a common mix for medical websites, white and blue. White is a great neutral color that helps to ensure that the visitor’s attention is easy to direct. It’s associations with cleanliness also makes it a popular choice for these websites.
• Contrast – Using contrast in a website helps to draw the eye and ensure that the important information you have for your patients is easily available to them. The brightly colored theme of this website provides ample opportunity to make use of contrast to direct visitors.
• Action Oriented – Brightly colored buttons drive visitors to action, encouraging them to click and navigate throughout your website to get the information they need.

Colorful Navigation Buttons
Analysis Of Design Elements

Website design is about more than just putting information on a screen, every element of your design can help improve the experience that visitors to your website have.
• Space – The use of white space on this site is one of its strong points, everything is easy to navigate and easy to find thanks to it all being well spaced. Each element has its own place to exist on the page, making it easy to pick out important points.
Contact Information Links• About Us – This section of the website contains information about the company and the staff that works there. This can be your first contact with your future patients, giving you a chance to introduce yourself and provide valuable information about your credentials.
• Contact Information – Easily accessible contact information is always a plus in website design, allowing you to take advantage of that narrow window of time between when a visitor decides to contact you and they talk themselves out of it or decide to wait.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing is a vital aspect of any site, even essential services like medical care. A site needs to show that you understand your customer’s needs and that you’re available when they need you. Everything from the color choices to the ease of navigating this site shows that.

• Navigation – Navigating through a site should be easy to accomplish, and your visitors will agree and show their appreciation by becoming patients.

Informational Footer – The informational footer on this site ensures that everything your visitors need, from the address of your clinic to your social media links, is available with a quick scroll to the bottom of the page. This is an essential element of converting visitors to patients.

Footer Showing Information


Reviews – Word of mouth is still the best advertising tool you can ask for, and that’s why including a review section on the website is essential to allowing your past customers communicate with your future patients.

The Image this Website Reflects

This website reflects a child-friendly environment and a staff that understands the special elements that are involved with working with younger patients. Parents are very particular about who they take their children too, and your website is your first impression. Everything in the design of this website helps make the right first impression if you’re running a child-friendly establishment.