Randy Norbo DDS Web Design Project

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Randy Norbo DDS Web Design Project

Dr. Randy J. Norbo, the founder of Norbo Family Dental, prides his business and website on the careful attention to comfort and safety for all his patients. Dr. Norbo and his dental team use conservative, state-of-the-art procedures that restore and enhance the natural beauty of a smile through quality service. His pillar of success includes high standard, education & prevention, uncompromising safety, training & expertise, and building a positive experience for the patient.

Overview of Design

Just like Dr. Norbo’s pillar to success, the design we implemented for his website is up to the highest standard of navigation and features. Opting for a clean and spacious style, Dr. Norbo’s primary wish was to inform patients on restorative dentistry. We combined his wishes with some rich special effects to ensure that he would be competing with other general dentists’ websites. One standout feature that Dr. Norbo asked for on his website was the drop-down effect when navigating through his website. This can be seen primarily on the homepage.

Use of Colors

Services Offered

To add to the professionalism displayed throughout the site, we integrated a black, light purple and gold color scheme. The background is primarily black and wide-ranged to enhance the reading experience for the viewers. In addition, black provides a sense of class and luxury. When combined with the purple and gold accents, the website comes off a professional and modern, yet approachable. Purple serves as a secondary background color while gold serves as a highlighter for important information on the website.

Design Elements

Navigation Menu

The navigation bar, in particular, is quite rich in the tabs available. There is even an FAQ featured under the About Us tab. Dr. Norbo wished to have his site stand out from the rest of the competition. As a result, we personally designed the sites logo and placed it on the homepage. Norbo’s logo is not only a living testament of his legacy but gives a lasting first impression on the readers.

Marketing Aspect

Clear, cut, and concise, we planted Norbo Family Dental’s primary phone number in the center of the banner – a call to action for any incoming traffic. Dr. Nordo’s navigation bar features multiple tabs that can be helpful. From new patient forms and FAQs to financial options available, Dr. Norbo markets his services strategically through his website. Quick links to help navigate through the web pages are also always available near the bottom of any web page.

Image the Website Represents

The website represents the professional and classy image of Dr. Norbo’s practice. The color theme is the perfect balance between class and professionalism, giving the visitors a great first impression that Dr. Norbo is approachable and friendly.