Queen Street Dental Web Design Project

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Queen Street Dental Web Design Project

Queen Street Dental, a servicer for the Tottenham community for over 40 years, strives to provide a compassionate and professional level of dental care that you can run and write home about. Equipped with the most advanced state-of-the-art dental technology, Queen Street Dental hosts a diversity of services ranging from general and cosmetic dentistry to implants and orthodontic procedures. Dr. Elvis Filo, founder of Queen Street Dental asked us to develop a website to showcase her warm and professional personality. We delivered on her website accordingly.

Overview of Design

Queen Street Dental Logo

The first thing you notice about the webpage is openness and neutral tones. We incorporated white within not only the background but the text as well. Integrating professional quality photos with our rotating gallery helps display Dr. Filo’s flare and service diversity. The website also features parallax effects and rich informationals to inform and educate incoming visitors. The overall design of the website was to provide space and allow visitors to take their time and relax. With a personable mission statement and easily accessible widgets and navigation menu, readers will have no problem locating the information they desire.

Use of Color / Design Elements

We went with neutral tones to match the overall feel of the website. White legible font helps ease the eyes and can help readers digest large amounts of information without eyesore. The spacious white background also highlights the personal logo designed by Queen Street Dentistry – a clear homage to the surrounding community. The white hues brighten up the page and represent the cleanliness you can expect at their clinic as well as the purity that will be brought to your skin by their treatments. We also accented the website with gold accents to add a touch of lux and class.

Services Offered

Community and family relations are extremely important to the team working on Queen Street. We made sure all the images and videos on the website clearly reflected those ideals as well. In addition to testimonials and contact pages, there is also a separate link alongside the sleek navigation bar that features the dental office in the media. This can be great for clients who want to ensure they are working with a reputable selection of doctors and dentists. Marketing wise, all the images on the website reflect the general nature of dentistry and focuses on soothing the audience. The homepage alone is comprised of professional still-shots of happy, go-lucky families after receiving dental care.

Marketing Aspect

We incorporated a call to action on the bottom of every web page by providing office hours and office details, including a phone number, fax, and email information. Useful links to re-navigate users and generate more incoming traffic is located at the bottom of each page. Queen Street Dental is also protected by our SSL Security; this blocks pesty hackers from retrieving important client information – credit card numbers, phone numbers, emails, etc.

Testimonial Example

When designing the website for Dr. Elvis Filo, we wanted to make sure that every aspect of the website matched her vision. From the rich effects to the professional images and design layout, we can say with absolute confidence that we succeeded in our mission in developing her personality and professionalism into a small piece of the world web.