Premier Medical Aesthetics Web Design Project

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Premier Medical Aesthetics Web Design Project

Premier Medical Aesthetics believes that your beauty should be revealing. When it comes to web design, good designs should have nothing to hide! With state-of-the-art equipment should come a state-of-art website design. We dedicated hours on end to help ensure that this cosmetic website would create a powerful, yet personable first impression.

Nothing states confidence like having a video background as the first thing visitors see when visiting your website. We used a video background that shows off the various services available at the practice along with the medical team hard at work. Not only does this add to the personable approach of the practice, but also gives visitors an upfront view of the qualified staff.

Underneath the video background, we gave web visitors another peek at the office by utilizing a parallax effect to show off the interior design of the office alongside an appointment scheduler and a patient portal. We also included different navigation links on the homepage that redirects visitors to different pages on the website.

For this cosmetic website, we stuck to images that created a warm and inviting environment. Lush beaches on the footer and soft pebbles above the testimonials. With such a soft color palette at hand, we wanted to keep the images to a minimum to let the design speak for itself. We closed out the homepage with a brief testimonial section to enhance patient confidence along with a contact form on the header for easy access.

From the soft tones to the customized images, everything about Premier Medical’s website oozes comfort and personability. No one wants to feel rush or worried when visiting any medical professional. With our customized medical designs, you never have to worry about losing out on potential patients due to a messy or scary design again!