Pinehurst Dental Arts Web Design Project

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Pinehurst Dental Arts Web Design Project

Located in the heart of New Jersey, Pinehurst Dental Arts’ state-of-the-art website is a direct reflection of the exquisite services offered by Dr. Lee, Dr. Rachel David, and Dr. Caroline Ahn. With their core specialties lying in the cosmetic, implant, and periodontal dentistry, we made sure to compliment the team’s work ethic and the environment by creating a website that was both elegant and professional.

Design Overview

Pinehurst Dental Logo

The overall design of the project was to incorporate stunning visuals over sleek, classy informationals. The navigation bar is home to all the key specifics that the Pinehurst team services. We incorporated a black background to over simple, yet effective, text borders. This way, readers would instantly recognize the services offered without feeling overwhelmed. The interface is memorable and distinctive with all the proper elements scaled to perfection!

Use of Colors and Design Elements

When you think of excellence, you usually think of gold. We balanced a gold color theme to compliment the wide, black background. Throw in some lush imagery throughout the website and you have a layout combination that flaunts bravado and confidence. Black is a great color that provides a sense of professionalism and class. The gold borders that encompass the visuals add a great touch to the website that enhances the elegance and class of the surrounding community.

Pinehurst Mission Statement

There are also multiple hovering effects on the website and a personalized logo to match. The images on the landing page alternate and rotate, inviting readers into exploring the multilayered elements on the site. The texture and overall layout of the design is the perfect balance between eye-catching and informative.

Marketing Aspect

Pinehurst SSL

Safe marketing is safe marketing. Pinehurst Dental Arts is equipped with our top-notch SSL security – making it virtually impossible for hackers to run off with important patient information. In addition to the navigation bar, there are also links to the team’s social media and contact information conveniently placed on the right border of each web page. This means that whenever a client is ready to commit, there will be no need to search. The homepage is designed to have all the essential features a website needs to succeed. There is a constant presence and functionality that is ever-present laced together through the website design.

Image the Website Represents

The website represents the unique, classy image of Pinehurst Dental. The website is elegant and profession – a perfect reflection of the professionals at Pinehurst. From the black background and gold linings to the imagery and personalized mission statement, the website is a welcoming first impression to incoming visitors that the New Jersey natives are knowledgeable and approachable.