Physical Therapy Web Design Project

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Physical Therapy Web Design Project

The Consultation Physical Therapy of Texas’s slogan is returning you to the game of life. We went ahead and helped the physical therapists help bring their website to life while they worked on it. As one of the leading outpatient physical therapy services to the Heights and Houston area since 2002, we made sure to emphasize the importance of community and evidence-based treatment while designing the website. Chad E. Kelly, the leading Director of Physical Therapy envisioned a website that would help facilitate information to patients who sought for legitimate treatment without going the medical route.

 Overview of Design

Just like physical therapy, we wanted to engage site visitors with hands-on interaction. The drop-down navigation menu highlights the services, patient forms, testimonials, and contact information, and much more. The full-width display of the website helps create a modern feel to the website while still being informative to the reader. The design is open and spacious to allow ample navigation room while still remaining tight and concise in terms of placement. There is little space being wasted on the white backgrounds that hosts our personally-made logo for the Consultation Physical Therapy of Texas.

Use of Color / Elements of Design

To correlate with the healing theme that comes along with physical therapy, we incorporated a blue and white color scheme. Not only is this easy on the readers, but it also adds a soothing vibe to the website. No one wants to be reading massive amounts of text in a barely legible font. Legibility and creativity are always under your full control – we want to ensure that all your valuable information is interpreted well by the readers at all times. As seen by the home page, making sure both visuals and text flow well together is crucial to website design. By using various types of images, we were able to combine both aesthetics and education to please the reader’s mind and eyes.

Marketing Aspect

In the dead center of the home page, we placed a call to action using links to schedule an appointment. Scheduling an appointment is also conveniently located at the top of the banner, on every single web page. In addition, the ample information provided by the navigation menu helps keep the readers engaged and interested. All the photos we used while creating the website are a direct reflection of Dr. Kelly’s vision of jumpstarting his patients back to life.