Partners in Wellness Web Design Project

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Partners in Wellness Web Design Project

Overview of the Design

This is an internal medicine practice that treats adult patients. The practice prides itself on comprehensive medical care that focuses on the entire body – not just one particular area. Much of the site is dedicated to presenting its philosophy to first-time patients, which includes an emphasis on prevention, early disease detection, and accelerated and effective treatment response.

Though the care is comprehensive, this is not a traditional practice. Rather than accept insurance (which it doesn’t), this office participates in a program called Optimum Health, which is direct primary care network. The website – particularly the FAQs page – explains clearly that participants pay a monthly fee to receive ongoing care from a primary care provider at the practice. Without the burden of the insurance company, patients can spend more time with the provider and worry less about the financial aspects of their care.

Use of Colors

For this website, we chose a green and purple color scheme that appears rich and inviting. It also matches the logo of the practice. Green traditionally implies life and vitality – something many patients hope to achieve with ongoing whole body healthcare. Likewise, purple exudes excellence and elegance within the practice.

Analysis of Design Elements

This is a highly visual internal medicine website that uses bold imagery to express a message to its guests.  The home page includes a logo overlay, a traditional menu bar, scrolling full-screen width pictures, and a brief introduction to what Dr. Miloy calls, “concierge medicine.” We also included several videos within the website for added visual appeal, as well as an extensive library and new patient area.

Marketing Aspect

Internal medicine marketing is about finding adults who are interested in the types of services offered by a particular practice, and then explaining why that practice is better suited for the job than the competition. In this website, we explain the benefits of the direct payment plan, including the benefits of upfront payments with no hidden costs. An appointment request form is implemented directly into the website, and multiple videos do a great job of explaining the financial model of the practice. Though not necessarily mainstream, this approach is particularly popular with uninsured patients in the area who need affordable and predictable access to quality care from an internal health provider they can trust.

Image the Website Represents

Located in Kerrville, this practice is based deep in the heart of Texas. We chose a familiar scene for the introductory image – a field full of beautiful bluebonnets looking out over the vast, wide open spaces of the Lone Star State. We also included several other relevant images throughout the site, including some stock medical photos and pictures that coincide with many of the services available from the practice.

Internal Medicine Website Designed by Optimized360