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Lodestar Eye was looking for a distinctive design that helped connect it to its community and represented its family-focused practice. Given its location in one of the most beautiful mountainous regions of the world, we knew that was where we had to start. From there we continued the family focus with traditional colors, bright imagery, and accessible design.

Overview Of The Design

Lodestar Eye is one of our most stunning optical website designs and holds that title without being overly complex. It is easily usable on both mobile devices as well as desktop computers and lends itself equally well to being viewed on either.

Use Of Colors

The primary colors used in this website happen to beautifully mirror the environment in which the practice is set, with the light blue and white being reminiscent of the snow-capped peaks of this mountainous region. It also happens to lend an air of professionalism and tradition to the site without coming off as overly stodgy, reinforcing that ‘family friendly’ focus of their business.
• Contrast – Light blue and white both have the quality of contrasting well with just about any color or image you care to use with them. In the Lodestar Eye website, you can see it used to highlight images used for navigation and create a beautiful experience.
• Action Oriented –Orange is lightly used throughout the site to highlight important areas where user interaction is either required or important information needs to be imparted.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Web design elements like the use of white space and navigation tools are essential in creating a useful and innovative site.
• Space – White space is used well on the Lodestar Eye site, with the contrasting colors being used to create definite sections of the site where information is presented to the user. Whether you’re viewing it on a laptop or desktop computer or are scrolling through it on your mobile device the site remains beautiful and well organized.
• Navigation – This was touched on somewhat in the last section, but navigation through the site is simple thanks to its optimized layout. The menu is available at the top of the page, making navigation throughout the site simple and straightforward.
• Informational Footer – The footer of the site is packed full of information, from a map showing the location of the office to all the contact information a patient could need to set up their first appointment.

Marketing Aspect

Even medical practices need to consider marketing in their design if they hope to stay relevant and current. Even more importantly without good marketing techniques, the patient who needs your services isn’t going to be able to find your practice. Once their there, you want to make it easy for them to make an appointment, and all of this is an important part of your conversion rate.

Contact Information – There’s a narrow window between a visitor deciding to make an appointment with your company and being distracted by something else, so it’s essential that the contact information be easy to find. Located at both the top and bottom of the website it’s quick and easy to locate.

Bright Imagery and Easy Navigation – The use of well-contrasted images as navigation points makes the website both engaging to use and easy to navigate. Both of these are essential elements in driving conversion.

Simple Contact Forms – Contact forms are a great way of turning visitors into patients by making it easy to get in touch with you. However, there’s a careful balance to be observed, as forms with too many fields tend to lose visitors who don’t have the patience to fill them out.

Lodestar Eye Contact Form

The Image this Website Reflects

This website reflects a practice that is in touch with its community and is utilizing the latest technology in its website design. Potential patients tend to look locally for their medical care need and prefer working closely within their community. This site uses excellent design and imagery to help display its connection to its community.

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