North Fulton Compounding Pharmacy Web Design Project

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North Fulton Compounding Pharmacy Web Design Project

Overview of the Design

The North Fulton Compounding Pharmacy is a family-owned and operated pharmacy that emphasizes personalized prescriptions designed specifically for the needs of their customers. Unlike large retail pharmacies, this pharmacy provides prescription solutions that are customized for children, adults, and even pets. Our goal with this pharmacy web design was to create a space that exudes the friendliness and hospitality of a hometown pharmacy with the professionalism, visual appeal, and advanced features of a corporation.

The home page features a double header menu, followed by a link for visitors to learn more about compounding and how it can benefit their individual needs. The content assures visitors that prescription fulfillment at North Fulton Compounding Pharmacy provides a highly personal experience. We followed that with an introduction to the family who owns and operates the pharmacy, as well as links to some specific types of prescriptions that benefit from compounding, such as veterinary medicines, dermatological treatments, hormones, and vitamin supplements. The remainder of the website includes information about the Morgans, the pharmacists, and the types of services offered at the pharmacy.

Use of Colors

We opted for blue and green as the color basis for this custom pharmacy website. These gender-neutral colors exude the confidence of the practice in meeting the needs of its customers. It also compliments the colors that already exist within the pharmacy’s logo.

Analysis of Design Elements

Though this is a hometown compounding pharmacy, it is also highly advanced. We chose stylistic elements that help the pharmacy appear more modern and up to date on the latest in pharmaceutical developments. This custom web design includes a three-dimensional parallax scroll on the home page, in which the background image appears stagnant as text moves in the foreground. It also includes a responsive tile feature menu that responds when the user hovers over each selection.

Marketing Aspect

Unlike a physician’s practice, a pharmacy does not schedule appointments. It does, however, manage ongoing prescription needs for its customers. That is why we incorporated a prominent link for prescription refills on the home page, as well as a direct link for downloading the pharmacy’s mobile app. The site also includes multiple customer testimonials and a dedicated page specifically for promotions.

Image the Website Represents

This website has a family-friendly image. We opted for images of adults, children, and even pets to help potential customers better identify with the pharmacy. We even included an image of the pharmacy’s owners to give a friendly, local face to the business.

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