Nevada Neurology Center Web Design Project

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Nevada Neurology Center Web Design Project

Overview of the Design

Building custom websites for neurologists means understanding the nature of the practice and the types of individuals – both doctors and patients – who will visit the website. This design is all about letting the credentials of Dr. Heide and his team shine through. We created a traditional design with modern features, including the beautiful header image that illustrates the power of the brain.

The remainder of the page is light on content, instead directing visitors to find out more about the practice via internal and external links to other pages on the website and the doctor’s YouTube channel. A “Meet the Doctor” page spotlights a local news interview with the doctor, as well as a brief list of Dr. Heide’s specialities, sub-specialties, and fellowships.

An impressive educational library provides in-depth information about common neurological disorders, diseases, and their symptoms. Finally, the contact page provides directions to the practice, as well as an integrated appointment request form. For office and patient convenience, individuals who have already scheduled an appointment with Dr. Heide may be directed to the patient section of the website to download and complete new patient forms prior to the first appointment. This helps lighten the burden on office staff and also improve the patient experience.

Use of Colors

We chose deep blue for this website. The color fades from light to very dark, similar to the largely unexplored depths of the ocean. This is meant to be a reflection of the complexities of the brain, for which scientific understanding is rapidly evolving.

Analysis of Design Elements

This web design is very professional. We implemented several unique features into its design, including links to the doctor’s educational YouTube channel, as well as a patient question-answer search engine powered by UpToDate®. Other design elements include a double home page menu – one traditional navigation bar at the top and a more prominent, centralized, and responsive menu with three featured services and a link to the medical professionals’ area of the site.

Marketing Aspect

The home page opens with a phone number to call if patients wish to make an appointment. However, many of the visitors to this custom neurology physician’s website are medical professionals who are responsible for referring patients to other specialists. That is why we created an area of the site dedicated to helping referring physicians find out more about the practice and its protocols. For patients, appointment request forms are integrated into the contact page of the website.

Image the Website Represents

The overall image of this website is one that is deep and almost mystical – much like the brain and neurological system itself. Since neurology is a complex field of medicine, we felt the practice website should reflect the importance of finding the right physician who understands the intricate and multifaceted functions of the brain and is committed to paying attention to even the smallest of details.

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