Herceg Chiropractic Web Design Project

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Herceg Chiropractic Web Design Project

Overview of the Design

Herceg Chiropractic is a hometown chiropractic office that markets itself as the perfect way to start or end your day. For this site, we veered away from extensive home page text. Instead, stand-out features capture the attention of the audience and help them remember the Herceg name. A unique image-based menu allows users to select a particular area of the body to learn more about how chiropractic treatment can reduce pain and provide optimal health and biomechanical function. Deeper into the website, visitors can learn more about the office, the doctor, and the various services offered. We also include a ‘frequently asked questions’ section and a page entirely dedicate to patient testimonials.

Use of Colors

This website uses modern neutrals like blue and green with deep gray undertones. The idea is not to focus on the design so much as to instead allow the pictures and graphics to take center stage. Together, variations of these shades create depth and interest without appearing boring or imitable of other websites. The personalized logo on the site uses a tan background that comforts the incoming visitors.

Herceg Chiropractic Logo

Analysis of Design Elements

To create a modern chiropractic website, we implemented custom features that appeal to today’s patients. One of the most notable features is the parallax scroll, which creates a three-dimensional effect as the text moves in the foreground against seemingly stationary background images. We also created soft curves throughout the site to simulate the natural curvature of the spine and give the practice a soft, gentle appearance. From corner to corner and side to side, there is no wasted space on this site.

Herceg Chirco Visuals

Marketing Aspect

Chiropractic marketing is dense with competition in most markets. We offer search engine optimization services, as well as paid online advertising for chiropractors. However, we also feel it is important to create conversion-friendly elements within the design that will encourage visitors to schedule a consultation rather than move on in their search for local providers. The website also uses ADApt technology to help potentially disabled visitors enjoy the full web experience as well.

ADApt Logo

In this website, visitors are immediately offered the practice phone number and multiple links to request an appointment. We also implemented multiple YouTube videos that explain the mechanics of chiropractic care and why it is important for overall health and wellness. Finally, we show guests how easy it is to visit the practice on the way to or home from work with an interactive map to the Uniontown location just off Interstate 77.

Image the Website Represents

The images on this custom chiropractic website say more than the words. We carefully chose pictures of individuals in all stages of life and from many different backgrounds. Given that chiropractic is for much more than injuries, the scrolling images on the home page remind visitors that they can seek chiropractic treatment to reduce joint and muscle pain, as well as prevent injuries, whether you are pregnant, working at a desk job, training for a sport, or enjoying the golden years of life.

Herceg Chiropractic Website Designed by Optimized360