Hazelton Lanes Dental Group Web Design Project

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Hazelton Lanes Dental Group Web Design Project

When a client approaches us with a dream for their website we want to do everything we can to capture and manifest it for them. When that goal includes a vaguely dreamlike quality, we set our sites even higher. Hazelton Lanes Dental Group came to us with a beautiful concept and wanted us to build on it and turn it into a website they could be proud of. We feel very proud of the work that was done here, and they couldn’t be happier with the results.

Overview Of The Design

There is a softness to the website that was intentional from the very beginning. Whatever your practice, visitors come to your website with something in mind, a vision of themselves after receiving care. For dental patients, it’s often an alleviation of pain in combination with a smile they can be proud of, and that’s the dream that’s brought to them on landing. Happy patients from every walk of life greet them and show them the future they could have after having oral care at Hazelton Lanes Dental Group.

Use Of Colors

Mission Statement and Stock Image

Soft golds and whites blend with browns and beige to create a very gentle look, an excellent approach for a clinic that wants you and your family to be comfortable and happy during your visit. Nothing about this website jumps out and tries to grab you, instead this unique combination of color gives the impression that the visitor is being welcomed with a warm cup of tea and a gentle word.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Diversity is a key element in this website’s design, as is evident from the slideshow of images that cascade across the visitor’s screen. Couples and families from every walk of life and every age are there to demonstrate that this dental group is an open and friendly practice that welcomes families, no matter their situation. The main page is very slight, offering only the bare essentials and providing links to further information from there. A very pleasing and low-pressure design.

Marketing Aspect

Client Forms

The marketing aspect of this website is very much based in welcoming in the visitor and giving them the impression that their entire family will be encouraged to come in. The light-weight nature of the homepage means that there will be very little waiting on the visitor’s part, important in a world where attention spans are becoming notoriously short. With the quick contact form prominently placed and the address and phone number readily available, it’s clear they want to make contact with their patients quickly.

The Image this Website Reflects

Here we have happy families and accepting staff who will happily share your joys and sorrows with you as you become part of the Hazelton Lanes Dental Group family. Throughout the website, you’ll find a comforting and welcome air that is sure to be reflected in your visit to the dental office. All the little details show respect for their patients and joy in finding families from every walk of life.

Hazelton Lanes Dental Group Designed by Optimized360;Toronto Dentist, Dr. Joseph Fava’s dental website was designed by Optimized360.

The office is located at 55 Avenue Road, Ste. 2100 , Toronto, ON M5R 3I2 and offers a variety of dental services, including Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Restorative Dentistry, and so much more.

Some features of this design are an advanced slideshow, custom design and mobile site. Take a look, or visit other dental websites in our gallery.