Hamilton Mill Endodontics Web Design Project

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Hamilton Mill Endodontics Web Design Project

Overview of the Design

Our time working on the Hamilton Mill Endodontics website was spent learning more about the culture of the practice and the specialized services they provide to patients in their community. Since this endodontic web design represents a special dental service, our goal was to appeal to both the potential patients who would visit and also the other dentists who might use the site to refer new patients.

In keeping with the modern theming at the office itself, we opted for a clean design with contemporary elements. Right away, visitors are met with multiple ways of connecting with the practice, whether through email, phone, or social media. Moving down, elegant images of smiling faces pepper the home page in between scrolling testimonials from actual patients. Visitors are given a brief introduction to the practice before moving to other pages to find out more about Hamilton Mill, its team, and its services.

Use of Colors

This website uses a grayscale palette with pops of bright blue to capture attention and give the practice a softer image. Black and white images of smiling faces appear classic and timeless but also come to life with color as the user interacts with the site.

Analysis of Design Elements

Design elements are what make a custom endodontic website stand out from the competition. This site has several understated, yet charming effects, including scrolling testimonials, images that change color with the touch of a mouse, and a navigation menu that transforms its appearance and follows the user down the page. We also made excellent use of space with wall-to-wall background imaging that gives the site a uniform appearance.

This site is also equipped with a patient portal. Other pages include a dedicated services page complete with a complex library of information on endodontic services, root canals, emergency treatments, endodontic technology, first-time visits, and more. We also included an extensive team page that explains more about the dentists and the other professionals who work at Hamilton Mill Endodontics.

Marketing Aspect

Every practice has its own way of attracting new patients. Since Hamilton Mill works to attract both patients and referring dentists, this practice opted to let previous patients do the talking for them with multiple testimonials throughout the site, including an entire page of hand-written notes. We also utilized links to Hamilton Mill’s social media accounts, which offer a more personal view of the practice and its staff. Finally, we made it easy for visitors to get more information about the practice through email, phone, and a special referring doctor’s submission page.

Image the Website Reflects

People who visit an endodontic website may be nervous about undergoing a root canal. We implemented smiling faces throughout the site to help potential patients feel more comfortable and trusting of the practice as a whole. From young children to adults, all of the patients who come to Hamilton Mill will be welcomed by a friendly face at every visit. We also included several pictures of the office itself, including a photo of the state-of-the-art sterilization station. This helps visitors feel more familiar with the practice, and thus, more relaxed when they come in for their first visit.

Endodontic Website Designed by Optimized360