Gasser Dental Web Design Project

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Gasser Dental Web Design Project

We can all agree that a shining smile can make a powerful first impression. Let’s face it: the first impression a visitor gets on a dental website can decide whether or not they will commit to your practice. With Gasser Dental, we made sure that web visitors would not only feel welcome but informed as well.

When you enter the dental website for the first time, you are greeted with an instant air of professionalism. From the different call-to-actions on the hero image to the contact information on the top of the page, we can guarantee that dental patients will never feel lost or uninformed when visiting this website!

Since this practice dealt with an older patient base, we focused the images and colors to reflect that. The white and blue color theme are reminiscent of a traditional medical website – adding to the sense of authority and professionalism. Older patients want to feel safe and secure above all else. Our color theme helps get that sense of security across. To compliment the audience base, we also utilized images featuring an older demographic.

Videos are also a great way to vouch for your practice. We dedicated a section on the homepage soley to Gasser Dental’s YouTube videos. This helps add a sense of personability along with verbal testimonials about the practice as well. Speaking of testimonials, we also included a short but effective section beneath the videos that help highlight the qualified staff and up-to-date dental office. If patients were not convinced at this point, they sure would be after seeing our rotating “featured cases” section near the bottom of the homepage. Nothing spells results quite like real-life photography!

We closed out the homepage by listing the practice’s email, number, and address for easy access. We also included quick links and social media icons near the very bottom of the footer to help patients navigate through the website and keep in touch with the practice.

Take it from us: we understand that dental work can be daunting! However, with the right amount of encouragement from a professional and unique web design, patients will feel confident enough to book an appointment with your dental practice. To view more dental web designs, please visit our gallery.