Dublin Ranch Dental Web Design Project

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Dublin Ranch Dental Web Design Project

Dublin Ranch Dental prides themselves in providing each patient with an extraordinary dental experience. Each guest that comes to our comforting yet modern office is greeted by name with a warm smile. Dublin Ranch Dental is led by an LVI-trained cosmetic dentist Dr. Desai whose commitment to providing patients with outstanding care is unsurpassed. Each member of his highly trained team is ready and eager to address any questions you may have about any aspect of your treatment. Dr. Desai envisioned a modern and sophisticated dental website by integrating black color into his site.  A textured background behind his profile photo adds style to the black color.  The menu navigation is conveniently located at the top of the website.  The use of ample white space allows users to easily navigate content on the site.

Overview of Design

For this unique design, we went with a traditional website design that would suit the informative feel that Dr. Desai was aiming for. Built with a simple navigation bar that is both effective and simple to read, viewers will have no problem finding the information they desire. The homepage features a still-shot of Dr. Desai himself. When you enter the site, you are also personally greeted through a simple but genuine short biography. As you scroll down the homepage, you will find his three exact specialties: family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics.

Use of Color and Design Elements

We stuck to the simple traditional design by integrating a sleek gold and black color theme throughout the website. Located in the heart of Dublin, we wanted to make the viewers feel at home when entering the website. When used tastefully, a dark color scheme such as this can come off as both classy and timeless – a dedication and homage to Dr. Desai’s twenty-plus years in the dentistry industry.

As you navigate around the website, you will quickly notice the ample white space in the background. This allows ample space for readers to digest the large amounts of information being handed to them. All the images on the website are directly taken from the dental team and are a direct representation of the services they provide. The reviews tab under the navigation menu is the home to several testimonials that do Dr. Desai justice. As a touch of additional flare, we also created a personalized logo that compliments the color scheme and additional design elements that encompass the site.

Marketing Aspect

Just like everything else on the website, the marketing Dr. Desai uses is straightforward and to the point. Under the services tab, you will find all the forms new patients need to fill out before heading to the office. On the top banner of any web page, you can spot the office address and phone number for reference. The contact tab also includes an interactive map for users to test their estimated time of arrival to Dr. Desai’s office. Above all else, the lengthy testimonials are documented success stories of patients themselves. When dealing with a professional such as Dr. Desai, all your important information is encrypted and protected due to SSL Security. This means that hackers will not be able to steal your information such as phone number, address, or credit card numbers. You are in great hands all around over at Dublin Ranch Dental!