Dentismiles Dentisty Web Design Project

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Dentismiles Dentisty Web Design Project

Dr. Ismari Labrada manages and runs Dentismiles Dentistry. Located in Union City, New Jersey, patient comfort and complete oral health are their two main priorities. Dr. Labrada focuses on implementing multiple pain management techniques to prevent treatment discomfort and dental anxiety. Dr. Labrada understands the importance of remaining aware of the latest advancements in oral health and dentistry. We made it our mission to reflect her commitments accordingly through her customized website.

Design Overview

Smiles Logo

For this unique design, we create a website that would utilize marginal white space on the sides. The home page holds Dentismile’s mission statement, navigation menu, and verified patient reviews. On the top half of the home page, there are images that have a slight hovering effect. These images help catch the eyes of the visitors and encourage additional site engagement. To add a hint of flair, we also incorporated a personalized logo near the top of the header. The smile along with the Dentismiles logo work well together.

Use of Color

Dr. Labrada’s website is geared to be family-friendly. To accommodate, we opted to a more feminine color scheme. We used a light purple color theme throughout the website to complement the specialty. The purple in addition to the playful cursive font adds a distinctive pop to the website. The wide, white background used throughout the web pages also helps make the text more legible and easy to digest.

Design Elements

Dentismiles is a highly visual website with many modern design elements. most notably, visitors will notice the scrolling header images on the home page that fade into another. These images display the different services offered at the office. At the bottom of the Teams tab on the navigation menu, there is a scroll-down panel of verified reviews. This allows patients to verify the legibility of Dr. Labrada’s work.


Space is expertly managed throughout the website. The ample amount of white background along the text helps the patients navigate through the site with ease. The contact page also has an interactive Google map for those wishing to find their estimated time of arrival to the office.

Marketing Aspect

Dentismiles is protected against internet hackers due to their use of SSL Security. This means that any important data that patients enter on the site are encrypted before being logged in the database. In addition to security, the patient forms are also located on the site itself. This means less time waiting around in the waiting room and more time getting that perfect smile!

Image the Website Represents

This site represents a very minimalist and to the point facility that wants to start helping patients handle their dental concerns quickly and without a lot of marketing.  Direct while remaining friendly, this is a great site for those looking for a low-bandwidth way to provide useful content to their visitors. The color palette is soothing and welcoming for the visitors as well.