Dental Professionals of Wheaton Web Design Project

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Dental Professionals of Wheaton Web Design Project

Dentistry patients all want to feel safe and secure when visiting their general dentist. When creating a website for dental patients, it is always our main goal to provide a sense of professionalism and comfort as well. Throughout this website, we utilized Dr. Brunjton’s office photos – full of lush textures and soft curves to help create a dynamic aestheic on the site that would have patients coming back for more.

Overview of the Design

Dr. Brunjton’s vision with this website was to give patients a place to feel at home while being seen. He wanted to not only make a standout first impression with his high-end dental office, but also be informative and helpful. We opened the homepage with a a rotating hero slider with multiple office photos to make a powerful entrance. We also added motion effects throughout the homepage to help the sections seamlessly glide into each other. We overall design is boxed as seen through the different service sections, but still displays a sense of class and lux when paired with the different textures and colors filled throughout.

Use of Colors

We took color inspiration from Dr. Brunjton’s office photos. With all the soft curves and brown, light colors shining from his furniture, we complimented the text and surrounding sections with a copper gold and a subtle hint of burgendy to bring the photos together. We kept the buttons and icons simple and effective by adding hovering effects.

Design Elements

Dr. Brujnton’s website is a rare example of photography done right. All of his photos add an element of design that really help take this website to the next level. We let the pictures do the talking by leaving the special effects to a minimum to have the viewers concentrate on the office setting around them.

We included an image carousel on the office tour page that gives patients a chance to read about their billing and insurance information. We also added a smile gallery that utilizes previous patients to help add authority and credibility to the practice. Last but not least, we kep the footer clean and simple by including an interactive Google map and office information for easy access.

Marketing Aspect

Testimonials and reoccuring patients can be great ways to bring in new faces or help boost referal rates. We made testimonials apparent by highlight them on the homepage along with its own spot to shine on the drop-down navigation menu. We also made sure patients would never miss the chance to leave their own review of the practice by implementing a module that follows the web visitors as they scroll down the homepage. To keep everything secured and hack-free, we also included SSL Security and ADApt tools for the disabled. Remember, everyone deserves to have a great web experience!

Image the Website Reflects

Dr. Brunjton’s website is a fine example of photography done right. With just a quick glance, web visitors can sense the high-end feel of the pracrice with just the feel alone. It is the perfect balance of elegence and professionalism. if you would like to see more examples of our dental websites, please visit our gallery.