Crossroads Dental Group Web Design Project

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Crossroads Dental Group Web Design Project

Crossroads Dental Group in Riverbank offers some of the highest-quality dentistry in California and we are looking forward to treating all of your family’s dental needs. We staff our practice with friendly and caring dental staff under the oversight of Dr. Minal Desai, DDS, to offer you the very best in dental care.

Design Overview

Dr. Desai wanted a clean dental website with details that would emphasize her branding.  Small references to her logo are casually placed on the website to give her site a personal touch.  A patterned background also adds a comfortable feeling to the site.  The use of blue and dark background colors with light accent colors sets Dr. Desai’s website apart from most dental websites.

Use of Color and Design Elements

Dr. Desai’s website features a full-width style, meaning that it covers a majority of a screen when loaded. In addition, pictures and visual imagery is a key aspect of this website. Just like dental work, the devil is in the details. We made sure to incorporate professional still-shots and quality dentistry photos throughout the web page. We stuck to a blue and orange color palette to radiate a warm vibe for the incoming patients. We made sure to also place a contact form on all pages (located on the left side) to ensure that patients would never miss a chance to consult with the Crossroads Dental Team.

Marketing Aspect

The combination of warm colors and the square format of the website blends incredibly well with the educational videos provided throughout the website. It is clear the patients are the doctor’s number one priority over in Riverbank. Education infographics along with a clean website make for one standout dental website! Everything about the Crossroads Dental Team stands out. From the clean interface to the personal logo, Dr. Desai makes it extremely clear through her website format, that her dental team is not something to take lightly in the industry!