Children’s Dentistry of Murfreesboro Web Design Project

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Children’s Dentistry of Murfreesboro Web Design Project

Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics of Murfreesboro is a fine example of a website that communicates how customer care begins before they reach the office. Through the cheerful and childlike imagery on the main page, a conversation starts with their younger patients showing that there is nothing to fear. Every visual element of this site is aimed at the people that matter most, their patients. Parents are provided with valuable information, but the format remains friendly and playful to a child’s eyes.

Overview Of The Design

Bright colors, endless smiles, and a presentation of services in a font that is reminiscent of children’s books show the focus of this site. The animated characters found on the home page help to ease a child’s anxiety about visiting a dentist, while the information is presented in a way that allows the parent to research the child’s visit without imagery that will set the little patient ill at ease. It’s a perfect approach for a child-focused business, especially a service that may otherwise frighten younger patients.

Use Of Colors

Blue is recognized as a soothing, calming color, a reputation that makes it a popular choice for medical and mental health care facilities alike. The bright colors bring a subconscious joy to the reader, but throughout the site, blue remains the constant companion. Color schemes can tell a lot about a site and the service provider they represent.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Playfulness and happiness are the central elements of this sites overall design, two features that will help draw a child’s eye and get them excited about what could otherwise be an anxiety-filled visit. The familiarity of cartoon figures on the opening page helps to grab attention and associate fun and whimsy with the dentist, positive associations that can carry over into the actual office. Everything about this site is focused on one thing, that children are their most important client, right down to the font that could have come directly from a child’s book.

Marketing Aspect

Parents may be more inclined to take their children to an environment that they’re excited to visit, and this site is precisely targeted to the clients of pediatric dentistry. Parents are provided with significant amounts of information before forms to arrange an appointment are presented, making it clear that the parent’s sense of ease and comfort is easily as important as the child’s. This is going to appeal to nervous parents who are trying to make sure they make the best choices for their children in their medical care.

The Image this Website Reflects

This image reflects a whimsical and friendly environment that shows that the caretakers are just as playful as the patient’s they service. When you’re working with a younger population this kind of presentation is essential as it is the response of your child patient that is going to determine whether or not the parent decides that your facility are right for them. This site design instills that from the very beginning, bringing together a theme that eases the child’s fears, reassures the parent, and invites them to become part of your own business family.

Children’s Dentistry of Murfreesboro Website Designed by Optimized360