Burbank Dentist Web Design Project

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Burbank Dentist Web Design Project

Burbank Dentist – Dr. Ronald Lascoe, Dr. Marc Waki, Dr. Taylor Hoang, Dr. Vahe Nakashyan

;At LWH they provide quality dental care and they have been around for over 25 years to prove their dedication to their patients. They specialize in Periodontics which contributes to their patients dental health. They make sure that every patient that enters will leave with an improved, healthy smile. They make sure that all their patients are comfortable with each dentist they undergo treatment with. If coming from a referral, they ensure that it is because they had a wonderful experience with their dental office. The philosophy they work by is to treat each patient as a guest where they will have open communication and manage dental anxiety in a very pleasant setting.

The periodontic website we have designed for LWH features great amenities. We have added features such as: