Bowling Green Dermatologist Web Design Project

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Bowling Green Dermatologist Web Design Project

When patients are facing the specter that is cancer they need all the comfort and encouragement that they can get. When we began working on the Kentucky Skin Cancer Center website we kept this essential element in mind, selecting colors and layouts that were easy to navigate and helped to build confidence and comfort in the visitor.

Overview Of The Design

Bright colors and cheerful, worry-free faces were all included in our design, creating a welcoming and uplifting website designed to show the visitor that there is hope. All of the information on the website is easy to reach through the hamburger menu that’s ever-present at the top of the screen as the viewer scrolls through it.

Use Of Colors

Blue is used in those medical website design to bring a sense of peace and hope to the viewer, which is why it is one of the foundation colors in this design. As a perfect companion to the calming blue, white brings elements of cleanliness and purity to create an effective and modern medical website design.
• Contrast – The white background creates a striking set of contrasts throughout the design, making all the images and text pop off the page and be easy to read.
Action Points – The use of a peach-toned orange helps to draw the eye to those areas that are important for the viewer to notice, especially when it calls for action. Whether highlighting the area to request an appointment or showing where to find contact information, this color directs the viewer.

Analysis Of Design Elements

The overall design of a website is important in how a visitor interacts with it and how they find information on it. By paying attention to the minor elements of web design you ensure that your visitors will have a positive experience and return when they’re in need of information.
• Space – The page makes effective use of white space, leaving the site easy to use and navigate.
• Informational Footer – The footer on this page contains contact information and the hours of the company, making it easily accessible throughout.

Informational Footer

Marketing Aspect

Marketing is important in any web design, whether it’s a storefront for a business or a way for patients to access the patient portal on your site. Proper use of marketing techniques ensures that your site drives conversion of your visitors to customers.
• Navigation – Navigating your website needs to be easy and intuitive, allowing visitors to find information and learn about your practice.

Simple Forms – Providing a way for patients to contact using the digital medium is another important aspect, but the forms they fill out need to be simple to help encourage them to use them. This site uses the simplest of all forms, a single field asking for an email address.

Contact Form and Information

The Image this Website Reflects

The Kentucky Skin Care Center reflects a warm and caring practice that is dedicated to the health and well-being of its patients. From the imagery used to the information provided about its services, it paints an image of a patient-education based facility that has caring and attentive medical professionals that will be your partners in battling skin cancer.