Overlake Internal Medicine Web Design Project

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Overlake Internal Medicine Web Design Project

Overlake Internal Medicine Associates is committed to clinical excellence and proud to be doing so since 1960.  They are top in providing ultimate care for their patients and will treat them as if they are family. Their team of gastroenterologists is superior above their national peers in detecting adenomatous polyps during colonoscopies to screen for cancer.

The website designed for Overlake Internal Medicine Associates is to provide all the information needed to explain all their services compacted into a website. This is the most informative website so current/future patients are well aware of all procedures and services. The features of this medical website are a patient education library, custom Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles and a 24-hour website editor.

Overview of Design

With all the educational information the medical website had to offer, we kept the design simple and accessible. We kept to the traditional website interface and steered away from all the flashy designs as we did not want to overwhelm the readers. When you first enter the site, you will notice the giant amount of information on the front page alone. The homepage is primarily dedicated to a quick summary of procedures and certifications the gastroenterologists have to offer. The marginal white space allows optimal reading and engagement. The navigation menu covers its wide array of sleep medicines and disorder treatments. Finished off with a personalized logo, the OIMA are dead set on informing and providing top-notch patient care for those in need.

Use of Colors and Design Elements

To match the healthcare profession, we thought it was only appropriate to use a red and white color palette. This not only added a slight highlight to the large amount of information but also serves as a visual call to action. When set amidst a field of white space,  the red helps compliment and serves as an eye-grabber without coming off as too aggressive or pushy.

Professional medical sites serve to inform. We made sure there were ample space and navigation available to do so. The navigation menu has drop down elements that help service to additional information. A large amount of information on the website is listed in a question and answer format sprinkled with fun facts. Not only is this a nice personable touch, but also highlights the site’s focal point of educating. Square borders around the text make all the information easily digestible and legible. Everything on the site is labeled properly and with care – visitors will be able to tell at a glance what they are getting into.

Marketing Aspect

The OIMA website features an informational blog that is home to a plethora of additional miscellaneous information. Blogging is one of the main ways to organically bring traffic to your website. We made sure to highlight their blog on the navigation menu. The sleep disorder specialists also have a handy online bill payment system that can be quite useful for those dealing with the hassles of everyday life. On the left side of each web page, we also incorporated a patient survey and portal access for returning patients. There is also subtle use of video marketing throughout the different services on the drop down tabs. All the images on the website are a direct reflection of the work done by the team of specialists.