Artisan Dental Web Design Project

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Artisan Dental Web Design Project

Artisan Dental has a commitment to providing exceptional quality preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental care in which they made it central to their entire team’s effort. With some of the finest instructors in the world, Dr. Anderson has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education courses. Over 8 years, Dr. Anderson has been performing full mouth restorations and smiled makeovers. What makes them unique compared to others is that they incorporate a wide range of sustainability practices as a conscious daily endeavor. Some features of this dental website design are an advanced slideshow, specialty content, and pop-up video behavior. They are proud to have their Artisan Dental Recycling Program which is the first and only oral care recycling program in the Dane County Area.

Design Overview

As for any general dentist, we strive to incorporate the most optimal website formatting per specialty. In this case, we have implemented a soothing color theme using primarily brown and yellow to create a nature-based aesthetic. The modern style of the website template matches the curved and round design our developers have created for Artisan Dental.

One aspect of this website that stands out from its contemporaries is the use of videos. The informational videos located on the homepage is all video based. The homepage banner utilizes rotating/revolving pictures that recap their services and specialties. The navigation page is clear and concise on the information it entails. If you are looking for affiliations, you will not have to look far – Artisan Dental’s sustainability and professional affiliations are located at the bottom of each page. As an additional bonus, the financial tab gives clients the ability to pay their bills online. Their gallery also boasts an impressive before-and-after portfolio accompanied by a small description.

Marketing Aspect

One of the key design elements we tried to factor in was simplicity, but efficiency. With Artisan Dental, we wanted to results to speak on its own. The basic but formidable structure of each page serves to highlight a key factor of the company. Not one space is wasted with a clientele of ours. We want to make sure that everything loads well and does not slow down under any causes. Marketing is huge to any website’s success. We integrated a smooth interface along with quality descriptions to make sure incoming viewers would engage with the content they read.