Allen Aesthetic Surgery Web Design Project

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Allen Aesthetic Surgery Web Design Project

Allen Aesthetic Surgery is all about making the best first impression. This is immediately captured as web-visitors enter the site and are greeting by the video background. When dealing with any cosmetic specialty, we want to always highlight the class, luxury, and aesthetics that come from the procedure. We designed a website that would appeal to a high-class audience with a full-width, modern design.

Design Overview

Making a lasting first impression is important. We made sure to highlight the team’s mission statement and a rotating testimonial gallery on the home page. We immediately wanted to immerse visitors in discovering the different procedures and services available by the North Carolina natives. A drop-down navigation menu holds all the information that visitors would need. To ensure that all the design aspects would work in harmony, we used square borders throughout the site to ensure that all aspects of the site would be spaced accordingly.


Use of Colors

Capturing the visitor’s eye as they enter the website is a great way to boost engagement and interest in the services offered. We used a purple color theme that would mesh well with the wide, white background. Purple is a mixture of red and blue; it provides the perfect stimulation and alertness of red and the soothing calmness of blue. We also used a greyscale on some of the images to add another layer of modern effects on the website.

Analysis of Design Elements

We made sure that since we were dealing with luxury with cosmetics, we had all the design elements be responsive and functioning at a quick pace. We used a video as the background header that would be eye-catching and different from other cosmetic offices in the area. In addition to greyscale and highlights with the color scheme, we also incorporated hovering effects on the images. The images on the website are all professional and modern; this can give first-time web visitors a first-hand insight into the procedure. 

Marketing Aspect

Images play a great role in marketing and setting the stage for commitment and trust. We incorporated images on the website under our navigation menu that showed before-and-after photos from the office itself. We also included testimonials on the homepage to give visitors assurance on the services offered. Placing testimonials on your site is a great way to make a standout impression on skeptical web-visitors. Testimonials place credibility and proof of results in your work and experience. We also use testimonials on our very own website as well!

We also used several redirect links on their services page. This would increase the engagement visitors had with all the procedures offered at Allen Aesthetic. When any visitor clicks on any service, they are redirected to a new web page with an extensive FAQ to provide clarity and to answer frequently asked questions.

Image the Website Reflects

The website reflects the result-driven, calm attitude that the professionals at Allen Aesthetic work under. All luxury cosmetic work needs to be trustworthy and have a track history of proven results. The page dedicated to the doctors at the office provides the visitors with all the educational and training information they need to make an educated commitment.

Allen Aesthetic Surgery Plastic Surgeon Website Designed by Optimized360