Alamitos Oral Surgery Web Design Project

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Alamitos Oral Surgery Web Design Project

Alamitos Oral Surgery has three surgeons who are licensed in both dentistry and medicine as a result of their extensive training at UCLA. Dr. Solomon Poyourow, Dr. Heena Chandra, and Dr. Lee Pham practice full scope Oral and Maxillofacial surgery in the city of Los Alamitos. Their practice philosophy is to provide the highest level of surgical care, utilize cutting edge 3D imaging technology, and ensure patient safety and comfort with deep sedation or general anesthesia.

Overview of the Design

Their sophisticated website design is to promote their dedication and a great experience at their surgical center. Some features of this design are rotating slideshow, custom content, and modern design. With oral surgeons, you want to come off as professional, but still inviting. We opted for a clean, white color theme to help sooth incoming web visitors.

Use of Colors

We used a combination of white and light-gold throughout the website to give a lux and welcoming feeling. We utilized white space to ensure that the information would be clean and legible while using gold to highlight headers and calls to action. We even used the skin tones from the images to help add a variety of different color hues into the mix.

Design Elements

Interacting with a website’s design is key to bringing in new patients. On the left side of all the inner-pages, we included a contact form to ensure that patients will never miss the chance to book an appointment. Under the form, you will also see the practice’s social media on interactive widgets. On the header, we included the practice’s office address and phone number, all hyperlinked to their respective places.

The contact page features an interactive Google map that can help patients reach the destination without issues; we also included a personal blog for the practice that offers patients a chance to dive deeper into different dental issues.

Marketing Aspect

The Los Alamito natives care about their patients. By dedicating an entire section to patient information on the drop-down navigation menu, this is a great way to inquire more phone calls and patient retention. The testimonial page also features several reviews that help authority and credibility to the practice. Last but not least, having printable patient forms on the website is a great way to streamline the entire process for patients and surgeons. The oral surgeons have both post-op forms and registration forms featured on the site.

Image the Website Reflects

Overall, the website conveys high-end professionalism with its simple navigation and functionality. The color scheme adds a sense of luxury and helps patients focus on the information in front of them without all the fancy effects. If you want a website that is high-end, professional and modern, please visit our gallery for more website examples.