Why Physicians Need a Team to Create a Custom Website Design

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The industry of medicine is a very competitive one, and the website that you put forward to the world gives them the first impression that will likely stick with them for life. If this first impression is a bad one, you will lose that customer without even knowing that you had a chance at new business.

When you get ready to create or upgrade your physician website, you must have a team of specialists – having a DIY operation, a single in house employee or an individual doing websites on the side. A team will help you create the most effective website in the smallest amount of time. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should employ a full team to create a custom website design.

A Team Will Save You Time

No doctor is looking to spend an inordinate amount of time on website design. After all, doctors have actual practices to run! The process of creating a website should be quick and easy, although the quality control should still be incorporated into the design. The only way to do this is to employ a team of specialists, each with a proven track record of working interdependently to create a website in the shortest amount of time.

Specialization saves time because each member of the web design team can create his or her part of the website very quickly. If there is a problem with a certain part of the website, a specialist will be able to locate the problem and create a solution more quickly than a web design generalist. Many top hospitals and medical facilities around the world have outsourced the creation of their websites to specialized third-party teams just like this with great results.

If you employ a single in-house web designer, your entire process stops as soon as that one person has a problem. This is not the case if you employ a full team of specialists. If one person has to miss a day because of an illness or an unexpected emergency, the rest of the team can continue working on your website with no delay in the process.

A Specialized Website Improves SEO

Having a great looking website is no good if no one knows that it exists. Search engine optimization is essential in helping to market your website, and this optimization process is done during the design process, not afterwards. A team of specialists will always include someone who was efficient in optimization. Specialists themselves are optimizers by default. The only way that someone can call him or herself a specialist is to optimize the process that he or she is proficient in. If each part of the website is properly optimized, then it follows that the entire website will be more optimized when it is finished.

Optimization gives you improved visibility within the major search engines. It also makes your site much easier for the average person to navigate. This is especially important if you are running a pediatric website that needs to appeal to children as well as adults. With an improved navigation and a streamlined code, your website will also load more quickly, ensuring that you never lose business because of an impatient customer. Many studies have shown that if your website takes longer than five seconds to load, you begin to lose business.

Experienced Teams Give Great Results

Every website, especially websites in the medical field, must be efficient. The more experience that your team has overall, the better results you will receive from your website once it is done. Obviously, you have a much better chance of interacting with more experienced people if you hire a full team instead of an individual. Even if one individual has a great deal of experience, that person will simply not be able to match the experience of a team, even if the individuals on that team each individually have less experience than the in-house professional.

When experience comes together in a team that knows how to work together, you get better results than an individual with no other person to bounce ideas off of. Experienced team members can bring new ideas from their own personalized methodologies, challenging each other until they come to a solution that is better than any one of them could have created on his or her own.

Custom Designs Make Your Website Stand Out

If you are looking to make a splash in the highly competitive medical industry, you need a website that draws attention to itself immediately. A single web designer will have a much harder time creating a custom website than a team will. There are many more ideas that come into existence if a team is working together. No one has to work off of a template because everyone is bringing a skill set that can build a website to the table. Many individual web designers will begin their efforts from templates, ensuring that the website will look like many others no matter how much customization is done to it.

You want to do business on a website that your website design team started from scratch. In order to get this kind of service, you need a team that starts its coding from line 1.

No matter what niche of medicine you are in, you will always do better with a website design team on your side. There are many advantages to a team that is not mentioned here, but the above justifications should be more than enough for hiring a full team. If you want your website to stand out with a design that no one else has, if you want your website to be a cost-efficient marketing tool for your practice for years to come, and if you want your website to rank well within the major search engines, the only solution that you really have is to hire a full team of dedicated experts to the cause.

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