What is a Good Budget for My Adwords Campaign?

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Anyone who has ever run a business understands that the key to growing a business is to have loyal customers and a growing customer base. This is as true for dental practices as it is for any other business. The trick to acquiring new customers is marketing. Technology has changed the way that businesses market their products or services. People used to read billboards as they drive down the highway or gather information from ads in magazines and newspapers or on the radio or television. A dramatic shift in technology has made this a marketing strategy that is no longer effective. People skip over commercials on TV. They don’t read newspapers or magazines anymore. Instead, people turn towards the internet and social media for a wide variety of uses. People work using the internet. They play using the internet. They even gather their news using the internet. There, online marketing for dentists is more important than ever before. Dentists often wonder how much money they should be spending on dental online marketing. What is the appropriate budget for an Adwords campaign? This is a challenging question that most people struggle to answer.

Doctors need to know that, for good results, a good practice will need to spend around $33 to $50 per day minimum on an Adwords campaign. Some people might cringe to think about how much money they are spending on their advertising campaign. First of all, remember that most dentists will gather their money back by seeing one or two patients in their office. This represents a massive return on investment. Stop and think about how many patients come and visit the practice because they learned about the practice online. This is the Adwords campaign at work. By seeing one or two patients per day to cover the cost of marketing, the return on investment by using Adwords for a dentist is huge.


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People need to understand the numerous benefits that an Adwords campaign provides. Adwords provides the benefit of pay-per-click or PPC for a dentist. Adwords allows users to define their budget. Remember how people were cringing about the amount of money they were spending per day on advertisements? Now stop and imagine what this number would look like if people couldn’t control the amount of money they were spending on their marketing campaign. This number could quickly break the bank. With Adwords, people can start with a small investment. They can define their budget and see what the results look like. If they like the return on their investment, they can increase the amount they are investing in their advertising campaign. Defining the budget is important. Adwords provides this benefit.

Speaking of tracking the results, Adwords allows people to use this as well. Remember those old forms of advertising using commercials and print ads? It was undoubtedly a challenge to decipher whether or not people were viewing these advertisements. It was even harder to tell how well the advertisements were working. With Adwords, this is a problem of the past. First, Adwords allows people to test their marketing campaigns before they go public. They can throw up a bunch of different ads and see how well people like them. Adwords will inform the person as to how well each ad performed in the test campaign. Then, the practice can go with the ad that produces the best results. Also, once the ad goes live people still have access to key information on how well the ad is doing because Adwords provides a way for people to track the results of the ad. This means that people have access to key information regarding how often people click on the ad in comparison to how many people view the ad. If an ad isn’t performing well, the practice can take the ad down and redesign it. If an ad is performing beautifully, they may decide to increase the budget and use this ad more often. This is important information that many other sites do not provide. Adwords provides this key benefit.


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Adwords also helps a website benefit from placement on the first page. Remember that for a website to be effective people have to be able to see the website. It is unusual for people to click past the first page of results to find the product or service they are looking for. Therefore, it is vital that people design a website that lands on the first page of the results. Adwords for dentist helps these important dental websites land on the first page. People are more likely to see the website and click on the link to learn more about the website. This contributes to increased traffic. With more traffic, the practice is more likely to accrue visitors and grow the customer base.

Also, targeting a local customer market is important. After all, people aren’t going to drive hundreds of miles for a dental visit unless it is a unique problem. Therefore, it is vital that the money is spent advertising locally. This can be a challenge with the internet because people from all over the world can view the website. This isn’t a problem for Adwords. In fact, Adwords can target the ads to local visitors. Every computer has an IP address associated with its internet connection. This contains key information including where the internet connection originated from. Adwords uses this information and more to figure out which search queries are coming from people using the internet in a proximity to the dental practice. These are the visitors that get to see the advertising campaign the practice worked so hard to put together. By targeting the advertisements to people using the internet locally, the advertising campaign is more effective. It is important to make sure that ads related to dental practices are being used on local visitors. Adwords helps make this happen.


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Running a marketing campaign can be a challenge. Technology has changed the way that people market their products and services. With this in mind, it is vital that every dental practice has a powerful marketing campaign to gather more customers for the survival of the practice. This means using the Internet in an efficient manner. Not only does Adwords offer a way for practices to advertise online, but it also provides key metrics that are important for tracking the success of an online marketing campaign. Don’t fly blind with a marketing campaign. Trust the results of Adwords to grow a loyal customer base that is vital to success.

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