Website Design Contest 2018

Here’s your chance to vote for your favorite new website design in Optimized360’s Design Contest! Our in-house marketing & creative teams have come up with new website designs, and we need your help to pick our favorites. Please vote for your favorite websites– and let us know which ones you’d like to see while browsing the web! Feel free to take a closer look at the websites by clicking on the images!

Send in your votes for your two favorite designs to 

This website’s design features a prominent, local attraction that is sure to bring a smile to your face. From the vibrant colors to the beautiful and iconic location, this site is eye-catching. The minimalistic style, combined with the catchy blurb allow this website to convey a whole lot in very little. An excellent option for an industry that loves to put a smile on their client’s faces.

First impressions are everything in this industry, and this website is definitely the first impression that YOU want to give to your customers. The mellow purple and gray stylized color scheme can be customized to match your own personal company branding, and a personalized video can be used as the backdrop. This is one site you need to see to truly appreciate how well designed it is. Give off a great first impression by using this website design as your landing page!

The bold yet simple color scheme of this design helps add to its credibility as a child-friendly site. As a particularly picky crowd to please, this website will give parents comfort in deciding on a healthcare professional to take care of their child. Stand out from the crowd by showing just how kid-friendly your company is with this stellar website!

Become a leading member of your industry with this contemporary stylized website that showcases the beauty of your practice’s location. Stunning shots of the local scenery can be utilized as the background of this design, highlighting the area that you practice in. A sleek menu bar adds to the contemporary structure and allows your customers to quickly and efficiently navigate your website to find results easily.

Show your “visionary” status in the Digital Marketing world with this slick and optimized website that gives your customers all the information they need, right when they need it. Combining a highly visible contact section with a dreamy background, this website’s design easily persuades customers to get in touch with you. The contrast between great design and cutting edge content will allow your website to flourish! Show your aspirations towards the future with this creative design!

This website’s design is focused around a soft blue that reverberates a sense of peace throughout the experience. Harmony and design meet together to produce a site that is beautiful and functional. With a highly optimized layout, clients and customers will be able to easily sail through the site in search of the information that they need to make informed decisions. Use this website as a way to display the hard work and results that your practice has been striving for!

Become a pioneer and show off your company’s success stories with this highly informative website design. Complete with a multi-section format that allows users to detail their specializations, this efficient, high-contrast design gives you a leg up on the rest of the explorers in the Digital Marketing sphere! You can feel confident that your practice is well represented with this tasteful design.

Hope is an amazing thing that is meant to be treasured. Give your clients hope for the future as you educate them via a stunning neofuturistic website. Electric blues and neon pinks combine with a high contrast midnight black to show off that the future isn’t so bleak when you have a say in things! This website offers a highly optimized experience to go alongside the style of the design!

Last, but definitely not least, we have a website design that leaves customers feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. With a healthy balance of contrast between the ivory whites and deep blacks, this website is highly optimized for clients to be able to easily process and comprehend information. Each section is clearly defined with sharp, angular divisions. This website presents everything a customer needs to know about your practice, and will leave them feeling like a new person!

Don't forget to vote for your two favorites! Send us an email with your votes!

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