Top 7 Podiatry Websites of 2018

Top 7 Podiatry Websites

At the half-way point of 2018, we’ve examined the best of medical and dental websites from head to toe. And speaking of toes, how about those Podiatry Websites? Feet need to feel some love and attention too.

Here are just a few of the best Foot and Ankle Websites so far in 2018. Feel free to click on the image to take a closer look at the details of the project and how these websites came to be.

Corona Foot & Ankle Group

Corona Foot and Ankle Specialist Website Screenshot from url

Use of Colors

  • The use of orange conveys determination
  •  It is also energetic

Analysis of Design Elements

  • Responsive
  • Hamburger Menu
  • Use of imagery for each section
  • Hover effect to depict motion
  • Use of illustration to show services

University Foot & Ankle Center Screenshot showing homepage of University Foot & Ankle Center, Dr. Poole and Dr. Gannon website

It’s not just an expression, first impressions do mean so much, and on this podiatry website that couldn’t be more true. From the cutting-edge video background in the header to the ease of navigation and Virtual Appointment Call-to-Action, this website has it all.

Overview Of The Design

Featuring cool earth tones and flesh colors, this podiatry website incorporates a very clean polished design that expresses University Foot & Ankle’s expertise. Moderate use of videos and a very clean navigation layout help the visitor explore all that the website offers.

New Canaan Podiatry

New Canaan Podiatry Website Screenshot from url

New Canaan Podiatry was looking for a polished, professional look to their website that still providing a welcoming atmosphere. Competence and experience needed to be displayed to gain the confidence of the visitor, while not feeling so clinical that they weren’t inclined to look deeper. Additionally it was critical to Dr. Jennifer Tauber that the website present her philosophy that you can’t treat just the symptom, you have to treat the whole patient to find proper solutions.

Overview Of The Design

This website incorporates a pleasant, traditional approach to its design, welcoming the visitor with a splash of the company name and its logo. Throughout the top region the visitor finds immediate access to the areas within the website, making it clear that navigability and ease of access were major considerations. The presence of the social media share links along the right side is an atypical choice, but it demonstrates that they’re proud to serve you and want their patients to encourage their friends and family to use them too.

Dr. Steber Foot & Ankle Surgeon

dr seth seber foot and ankle website

Overview Of The Design

This website takes beauty through simplicity to an art form. Visitors are greeted by a clear image of Dr. Steber himself alongside his logo and a declaration of his skill and experience. A simple drop-down provides access to the full spectrum of services he offers without interfering with the presentation. From there it gives only the most necessary information, links to the procedures and what they entail, and the information you need to make an appointment. Everything you need, nothing you don’t, elegantly presented, that’s this website design in a nutshell.

Use Of Colors

Colors primarily used in this website design are of the darker tones, black and grey, but there are subtle splashes of blue and orange found throughout as well. Orange is an inviting color, one that instills energy and helps to produce positivity in the viewer, while blue instills a sense of hope and calm. The darkness of the website helps to convey a sense of confidence in the professionalism of Dr. Steber and his staff.

Dr. Christian Kikuchi
Orthopedic Podiatry Surgery

Christian Kikuchi Md

Dr. Kikuchi visualized a modern medical website with a traditional overall atmosphere. A featured services section is conveniently available on the homepage. Generous spacing is used throughout the site to help keep the site clutter free and open.

Misako McLeod, DPM

Misako McLeod

Dr. Misako McLeod is a Las Vegas surgeon who specializes in limb salvage and preservation. This custom podiatry website design was created based on her personal style and practice branding. She worked closely with our team to develop an informative and resourceful website for her patients and colleagues. To further enhance her website, she added a Before and After Gallery, a descriptive bio and a self-portrait.

Special Features Include:

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Integrated Social Media
  • Access to the Online Editor Tool 24/7

Lake Ridge Foot & Ankle Center

Screenshot showing homepage of Lakeridge & Stafford Foot and Ankle Centers, We’ll Get You Back on Your Feet website

Overview Of The Design

Fresh, fun, energetic and healthy was the objective of this website for the Lake Ridge and Stafford Foot & Ankle Centers in Virginia. Often, a dual-location website is a challenge to achieve, but this website does it flawlessly. Users are smoothly lead throughout and the dual Call-to-Action is quite intuitive.

The site’s very clean design evokes an active, get-back-out-there, ‘you can do it’ attitude.

Use Of Colors

Gentle, clean, healthy flesh tones run throughout the website, interspersed with other fresh colors.

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