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Well-executed web design is an important element for a successful OBGYN website because the site needs to host a wealth of information in an easy-to-navigate layout. These sites serve three primary purposes: to attract new patients, provide existing patients with helpful information, and serve as a communication gateway. Unlike commercial websites that are constantly updated, medical websites have a bit more passive of a role with the practice itself: they’re setup and usually left alone. Because of this passive access situation, it’s easy for medical-oriented websites to fall behind on modern web design standards and practices: in particular the current high emphasis on mobile-device traffic.

More people have been using mobile devices to access website content than desktop and laptop devices combined since mid-2014. Not only is your average site visitor reaching out to your business on a small-screen device, but they’ve been doing it for years now.  Additionally, more people in the U.S. are “mobile-only” users than “desktop-only” users and mobile device traffic is trending at a 53 percent annual growth rate from 2015 through 2020.  This shift in how people access websites means having a well-designed mobile site is essential for an OBGYN practice to have the best possible online presence. Potential patients often check out the practice’s site before making an appointment, so having a solid mobile site is a great way to entice women to schedule an appointment.  Mobile sites are important for establishing new patient contacts because mobile applications are really only helpful for communicating with existing patients. The following five site designs are leading examples of excellent design for the industry.

1. Staten Island Gynecologists: PremierOBGYN

premier obgyn

Staten Island Gynecologists features a brilliantly designed website that embraces both the best in desktop and mobile website design. This site sets an excellent example for all other sites because it emphasizes communication with the office and puts the most important information at the forefront on both the desktop and mobile platforms. It’s easy to tell when a site, like the Staten Island Gynecologists site, was built with a mobile-first mentality: the desktop and mobile sites will feature the same content. The only differences between the two should be appearance and navigation-based. A slimmed down mobile site is a thing of the past when mobile devices had tiny screens and lacked processing power. These days it’s common for people to have smartphones that overpower that 5-year-old desktop at home. With mobile sites, functions are more important than forms , so there’s less room for flashy design. The site features a little extra visual flare on the desktop site, but all the content is ready and easily accessible regardless of the device.

The Staten Island Gynecologists leads the pack thanks to its excellently executed affixed mobile navigation. The navigation positions itself as a small bar that always stays at the top of the screen regardless of where the site visitor is on the page. This design technique makes navigation from page to page a breeze on mobile devices. This site also offers a comfortable amount of descriptively-named sections. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for. The pages can run a little bit on the long side because there are so few of them; however, the affixed navigation more than compensates for this content choice. The site is also a notable example of using a comfortable color scheme to visually break up content to make the site easy to read. The only criticism of the site, and it’s a reach, is that the appointment request form is not its own page, but it is available on several of the site’s main sections.

2.  Vinay Shah, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology

vinay shah obgyn website

Vinay Shah, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology is another prime example of a site built with a mobile-first mentality: all content is available on both platforms and the design team clearly paid excellent attention to the mobile site. Both platforms feature an elegant platform with visual images that capture the style of the practice. The desktop site is enhanced with a scrolling animated effect that give this website a different feel compared to most sites. It’s easy to get around the site thanks to the masterfully constructed desktop and mobile navigation that features a manageable section count. Less is usually more when it comes to page count: sites like this don’t waste any of the visitor’s time with fluff content. The site also makes it easy to find out more information on the wide range of offered services by using a simple menu in the top right corner instead of including links in an overflowing navigation.

3. Saddleback Women’s Medical Group

saddleback obgyn

The Saddleback Women’s Medical Group site also sports a clear mobile-first mentality. The sports a comforting white and green color scheme and features a top-notch mobile design. All content is available on both platforms, but the desktop homepage features some additional navigation tools. The images on the desktop site are much flashier than the mobile site, which makes it a great example of a site that builds up visual features to enhance the desktop site instead of stripping features out to simplify the mobile site. Contact and social links are easy to locate on all platforms and the mobile site’s navigation embody the word “streamlined.” However, the desktop site navigation doesn’t fare as well as its off-center positioning and smaller form-factors conceal it from view.  This site also features a lot page count and a well-designed services page that houses links and keeps the navigation from overflowing.

4. New Jersey Urologist 

New Jersey Urologist

The New Jersey Urologist is a great example of how to make content work on a mobile device thanks to its smooth implementation of button-based links. Another interesting addition to this site is it features a regularly updated blog that creates a constant stream of information for existing patients and for attracting new ones.  While featuring many of the same excellent design points as the first three sites, this one ranks lower because its mobile-friendly navigation is burdened with too many links. The crowded content in the navigation makes it difficult to find the really important sections and good content gets lose in the noise.


Boca Raton OBGYN features a well-designed desktop site that’s incredibly easy to access and presents an immense amount of information within just a few, well-described sections. The site also works well on tablets, but runs into problems on its mobile counterpart: there isn’t one. Fortunately, the site still operates well on a touch-screen mobile device thanks to its clear, large linking mechanism and lack of drop-down menus. There’s a lot of great content here and everything is easy to find.

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