Top 5 Modern Medical Websites

Top 5 modern medical websites

It’s estimated that there are a billion websites in existence on the internet today. That is a wide variety of places to navigate online. Many of those include medical websites that are more than eager to impart their knowledge about a variety of conditions,  to help people live a healthier lifestyle. They also help people make more informed choices about their medical care. There is an easy way to find out which ones are the best by looking at this comprehensive list. These websites are professional, highly informative, and easy to navigate. Here is a list of the top 5 medical websites of 2016 that you are going to want to check out.

Vail Medical Center

This facility has an excellent website with a ton to offer its patients.The Vail Medical Center is geared towards healthy living and weight-loss. So if you are in the mood to trim down, lose some extra lbs, and just revamp your lifestyle this is the website to consult. The articles they post are easy to read and highly informative. The actual office is located in Arizona in the Southeast part of Tucson if you wanted to become a patient of theirs. Even if you don’t live in that area, check out their Health Resource section for information on Gastrointestinal issues, Chiropractic news, and General Healthcare.


Val Medical Website


Gym Spa

The Gym Spa Medical Center For Rejuvenation is geared towards arthritis and sports medicine patients. The website is smart, beautiful, and highly informative. It’s part medical spa and part non-surgical clinic. They offer a variety of services such as facial and body rejuvenation, hair re-growth, IV therapy, vitamin shots, anti-aging medicine. So this total wellness spa is a great place to go if you want to work on your outer appearance. They are located in the Jersey Shore area, but they are also developing a Gym Spa in the Miami area sometime in 2016.


Beverly hills aesthetic surgery website screenshot


West Haven Foot and Ankle Clinic

This clinic specializes in healing all kinds of foot issues. Their website is also a treasure trove of intelligent information about anything and everything to do with your “tootsies.” Dr. Sean Lazarus is the head of this practice located in New Haven, Connecticut. Their patient education section is chock full of information about such foot problems like warts, flat feet, heel pain, tendonitis, and bunion surgery. If you have a foot complaint, the doctor is in on this specialized website.


screenshot of Florida Surgical Specialists website



Florida Surgical Specialists

Serving the Southwest portion of Florida, this practice, the Florida Surgical Specialists, takes care of all kinds of issues such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Gallbladder and Liver Disease, and certain types of cancer. The layout of their website is very easy to read, and calming in the way they impart information. You can even use their “patient portal” to schedule and change appointments, and look up your test results on certain things. Being easy to use makes this website very highly rated.


florida surgical specialists website screenshot



Kollmorgen Orthopedics

The Kollmorgen Orthopedics clinic is part of the St. Vincent Mercy Health group. Their website is dynamic with easy to read information that is all about joint and orthopedic issues. Some of the information will help you determine if you actually need to see a specialist for any reason. Located in Southern Ohio, this practice has Dr. Robert Kollmorgen as its head physician, but they have other doctors on staff as well to serve their patients.


kollmorgen orthodontics website screenshot




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