Should I Create a Chiropractic Website via My Practice Management Software Company?

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One of the most important aspects of marketing for any company, including a chiropractic practice, is the website. With today’s world, people usually go to the internet when searching for a product or service because it is both fast and convenient. The search engines look through the limitless number of web pages and find the results that they feel best meets the needs of the person who entered in the query. Therefore, it is essential that every chiropractic practice has a website that will show up on these results. When developing a website, the first question that many healthcare professionals will ask is whether they should go with a template website design or a custom website design. These are substantially different products that have their benefits and flaws. It is important to consider these differences when deciding which type of website to go with because this website will have a large role in the marketing of the practice and the growth of the customer base.


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Template websites are a common tool that many practices will elect to go with. A company will often have several different designs for their customers to choose from and claim that the templates have a proven track record of powerful results of their customer base. Templates do have their benefits. They take a shorter time to develop and have a lower cost at the time of development; however, templates also have numerous flaws. First of all, practice management software companies that use templates are not able to specialize the website for search engine optimization for chiropractic website design. This search engine optimization is key because this determines where a practice will fall in the search engine rankings. Failure to land on the first page of common search queries will mean that the practice will not be visible to potential customers. Template website designs do not fall high on the results rankings because they do not stand out from the crowd. Using a template means that other practices have used a similar design structure. The search engine will notice this and will place the templates lower on the rankings list. Therefore, using a template might hurt the practice’s visibility.

In addition, a template website does not take into account the preferences of the chiropractor because it forces the healthcare professional to choose between a set group of options instead of giving a professional the freedom to build a website that suits their expectations. Ultimately, the person purchasing the website should have the final say over how their website is designed. Website design for chiropractors should be constructed with the needs of the client at the forefront because they’re the ones paying for the service. If the chiropractor is not comfortable with the website design then it isn’t reasonable to expect their customers to be comfortable navigating it. This has important implications for the visitor conversion rate. The chiropractor understands the needs of the patient. They should have a say in designing the website because they understand their patient population. The goal of any effective website should be to convert website visitors into patients. The chiropractor should work with the developer as a team to help make this goal a reality. A template website design does not give the chiropractor this freedom and therefore winds up with a lower conversion rate. Ultimately, a template website design has numerous flaws that everyone should consider when selecting a website design.


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This doesn’t mean that a custom website is perfect. A custom website for chiropractors is usually more expensive in the beginning and might take longer to set up; however, it also has its numerous benefits. A custom website for chiropractors gives the page a unique feel that no other practice can claim. This means that the search engine is going to notice how unique the custom website looks and translate this into a higher search engine ranking. With the practice’s page winding up on the first page of the search engine ranking list, the website will see more visitors. This traffic will translate into future patients.

In addition, the custom website design means that the chiropractors have a significantly greater say over the layout of their website. This is important because the chiropractor can design the website around the needs of the patients. Meeting the expectations of the visitors will translate into a higher conversion rate. Chiropractic website design should be built around trying to convert visitors into future patients. Perhaps the chiropractor knows that certain patient problems are more common than others and will want these pages in a certain location on the web page. Sometimes chiropractors have certain images or videos that they want front and center on their website because prior patients have commented on how useful they found those graphics. With a customer website for chiropractors, these are all possibilities and help to set the practice apart from the competition. With improved rankings results and a higher patient conversion rate, it is clear that a custom website can cover for two of the greatest flaws that exist with a template website design.


Good Relationship with Website Developer


In addition, chiropractors generally have better relationships with a custom website developer than a practice management software company. This stems from a closer relationship that functions more as a team because the chiropractor has just as much input on the website as the custom content company. In addition, because the website generally takes a little longer to get going, this extra time helps to foster this relationship further. The importance of this relationship should not be overlooked because if something goes wrong with the website down the road, the custom website development company will be there to fix the problem. Furthermore, if the chiropractor desires to change the website in the future, the original company will be glad to help make these changes happen. Over time, the field might evolve and the website will need to evolve with it. The ability to adapt is one of the keys to success in the modern business world. Therefore, the strong relationship with the custom website development company is a key advantage.

Hiring a custom content web developer such as Optimized360 will help any practice reach its potential. They have numerous outstanding reviews with proven results in the search engine rankings. They are able to build any website around search engine optimization and visitor conversion ratings. With a close relationship that is founded on customer service, Optimized360 has a proven track record of success that demonstrates their understanding of both website design for chiropractors and the chiropractic field.

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