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Top 5 Things You Need on Your Chiropractic Website

  There are a lot of chiropractic websites out there, and getting your visitors to pick up the phone and make an appointment requires something special to catch their eye and set you apart from the rest of the sites out there. Patients who are looking for a provider like to get a feel for their dentist before they ever

Issues Dentists Face as They Attempt to Manage Their Own Marketing Activities

  Dentists usually acknowledge that they need to market their practice in order to attract more patients. Without spending some amount of money out of the pocket for professional marketing service, you may think why not start, dental marketing by yourself? Although it sounds easier and relatively healthier for your pocket, what you don’t realize is the problems that you

The Top 5 Plastic Surgeon Websites of 2017 (so far)

As a plastic surgeon your job is to make people look good. As web designers, our job is to make websites look good. An attractive website is an important component of keeping your audience engaged, guiding them toward sections you want them to visit, and encouraging them to move through the sales funnel your marketing team has designed. While you

Healthcare Websites, You’ve Come a Very Long Way

If you were to take a look at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, a website that shows you what websites used to look like in the past, you might notice that healthcare websites weren’t always the suave and debonair marketing machines they are today. It would actually be quite the opposite. Healthcare websites used to look notoriously cheap. They lacked

Marketing for Doctors, More Than Brochures

As a doctor you’re busy trying to treat patients, diagnose issues, manage your team, and run a business. That’s a lot of irons in the fire. Naturally, marketing can fall to the wayside. Oftentimes it’s easier to fall back on traditional marketing techniques. Traditional marketing, also known as outbound marketing, is a way of marketing your business through methods that

Here’s What The Best Chiropractic Websites Need

  In business there are things you can control and things you can not. While you don’t have a say in who your competition is or whether a supplies order is held up in shipping, you can determine how people may view your chiropractic practice. An effective website for a chiropractor should be both attractive and functional. This means that

The Top 5 Orthodontic Websites of 2017

A gorgeous website is about a lot more than looks. In fact, the way your website looks is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing your practice and impressing prospective and current patients. An effective website should look good, meet the needs and expectations of visitors, and deliver a message that moves visitors. You can see

Orthopedic Website Dos and Don’ts

  As an orthopedist or chiropractor, you spend much of your time equipping patients to get back in the game and continue to pursue activities they love. As marketers, we’re in the business of helping orthopedists do this. By streaming the marketing of your orthopedic practice you can attract more patients, generate business, and enjoy a more fruitful relationship with

A Great Pediatric Website Is Not Child’s Play – Don’t Build It Yourself

Technology today has made it possible to get an attractive website relatively quickly. Gone are the days of the 90s, where websites took forever to build and their functionality was minimal. Today there’s a variety of options available to businesses who are looking to get a professional website developed. Unfortunately, no matter how much a product touts itself as empowering

Want 5-Star Reviews and Ratings Online? Simply Ask For Them.

  Your online reputation is an incredibly important portion of your business that needs to be preserved. Without management of your reputation, there’s a chance that customers and even people who have never been to your practice are out there posting negative reviews that are impacting whether people decide to become your patient or not. You might be wondering why

Need a New Look or Logo? Here Are a Few Great Ideas to get What You Want

Your dental practice’s logo says a lot about who you are and what you believe. Simply put, your logo should speak to your brand essence. It’s colors, texture, and arrangement should all complement the uniqueness of your practice. Unfortunately, getting a quality logo designed is a lot easier said than done. After all, when looking for a team to help

Does Your Website Built in the 1990s Still Perform Today?

  If you’re like many dentists, chances are you had a website built in the 90’s or early 2000’s. While your website might have been awesome at the time, advances in technology and how people interact with websites, as well as their expectations from websites have evolved over time. Did you know that it’s recommended websites be redesigned every five

5 Ways Your Marketing Isn’t as Good as the Dentist Down the Street

The world of marketing has changed a lot from the days of Mad Men. No longer are a bunch of stuffy men hanging out in a Manhattan skyscraper dreaming up ideas to make an item the next biggest thing. Nope, the internet has changed all of that. Now small businesses are given an extreme advantage to market themselves over the

Writing Content for My Dental Website Isn’t Easy. What Can I Do?

  In the world of online marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising, content is king. You’ve probably heard this before, however, understanding what differentiates great content from good content, what people want, and what will be most effective in making your effort touch the largest audience take a lot of time, effort, and research. Creating quality content for your dental

How Much Should I Spend On Marketing My Dental Practice?

  Marketing is one of the most important line items in a dental office’s budget. After all, without marketing you’re missing out on a wide audience that could become patients. And, even if you aren’t marketing it’s guaranteed that your competitors are. This means that sooner or later you’ll fall off the local community’s radar. And as that happens you’ll

Defining Buyer Personas for your Dental Practice

When it comes to dental marketing, the most important thing you can do before you even begin to brainstorm your marketing strategy is to develop a buyer persona for your dental practice. Buyer personas help you to plan your marketing according to who you are targeting. A buyer persona is a lot more than a description of the people you

Creating Effective Ad Copy for your Online Dental Marketing Efforts

If you’ve talked to a marketing team anytime in the last five years, chances are you’ve heard them mention that “content is king.” Nothing could be more true. Content is absolutely crucial to the success of your dental marketing. In fact, without good content, you might as well kiss any success goodbye. When we say content is king, however, we

How your Website’s Color Scheme Affects your Marketing Efforts

Color is an amazing thing. Various colors can dictate one’s mood. Blue tends to relax people, while red gets people fired up. In fact, many restaurants use red in their logos because it stimulates hunger. The colors you use both on your website, in your dental practice, and on offline marketing materials can have a huge impact on how people

Visual vs Informative: Is One Better for my Medical Website Design?

There’s an online war being waged. And while you might not be aware of it, you’re caught in the crosshairs. The war is between written and visual content. If you’ve spent some time studying online marketing and medical websites, then chances are you’ve seen a wide array of content being put out there. And as we all know: content is

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