How to Use the Web to Attract More Patients

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SEO Tips and Tasks You Can Use Right Now to Help Your Search Rankings

1. Start with Solid Website

Website architecture has drastically evolved over the past several years and it’s likely that a 10 year old website just isn’t built to satisfy today’s performance requirements of the major search engines.

If you website hasn’t been designed to accommodate the search engines visit and indexing you are missing out on opportunities to gain ranking exposure.

Task: Conduct an SEO Audit

Want to understand how the search engines see your website? Run and SEO audit. Routine SEO audits are crucial to the long-term success of your website. When you run an SEO audit, you’ll better understand what’s wrong with your site and what needs to be done to resolve the discovered issues.

Here’s a handy free SEO auditing tool

Task: Eliminate Duplicate Content

You should avoid having duplicated content on your website, as it has a tendency to confuse the search engines and may harm your SEO performance. And duplicate content adds no value to your visitors. Take the time and review all content pages then consolidate any redundancies or delete duplicate content.

2. Optimize Your Site for Mobile

Google now specifically tells the internet world that they predominantly use a mobile version of a given website for indexing and ranking. They refer to this as mobile-first. A stunning 53% of all internet use is conducted on a mobile device. If mobile users have been ignored by your website, it’s time to resolve this.

Task: Check To See How Mobile-Friendly Your Website Is

Google provides an easy to use tool to check how well your website performs on mobile devices.

3. Optimize Your Website for Speed

Website speed is a game of numbers where faster is always better.
Let’s take a look at some facts.

  • 73% of mobile web users claim that they’ve experienced a website that was too slow to load.
  • 47% of all users expect your website to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • Google once experienced a 20% drop in traffic because of an extra .5 seconds in load time.

Task: Check Your Website’s Speed Performance

Pingdom provides a very useful online tool to help determine your website’s speed.

Task: Check Your Image File Sizes

It’s amazing how many websites we encounter that have extremely large images on the home page or stuffed into the header of a web page. Many of these images haven’t been properly resized or compressed in order to load and display quickly. Overly large, unoptimized images are one of the most common cause of page speed issues, and one of the easiest to resolve.

GiftOfSpeed is a fine online tool that identifies images that could be optimized for quicker loading.

4. Find and Fix Any Dead Links

Internal and external links, both to and from your site, help the search engines determine the value and popularity of your content and how it should rank your pages. If links a broken, meaning they do not connect to other active websites, then the search engines may punish your website’s ranking.

Task: Fix Broken Links

Conduct a link audit on your website with a tool like W3C Link Checker, you will easily spot 404 errors, and other bad links.

5. Setup Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that provides a wealth of information about your website’s performance on Google searches, as well as any problems found on your website and issues that need attention.
Search Console gives you direct insight from Google as to how the search engine sees and experiences your dental website, much in the way your patients view your website.

This is also where you will receive notifications directly from Google regarding any issues with your website. This could be something like a malware warning, an alert regarding bad linking practices or other technical notices which the search engine may send.

Task: Make Sure Your Website Is Setup at Google Search Console

Visit Google Search Console here.

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