A Great Dental Website is a Good Start, You’re Going to Need Great Online Marketing Too!

Online Marketing


A good dental website is an important part of marketing your dental practice. Of course, what makes a good website is part art and part science. That’s why it’s critical that your website be created by a team that has experience designing for dental practices, understands your goals, and can develop a flow throughout the site that works to move patients and prospective patients in the direction you want them to go.

We know that a good dental website design has several components, including:

  • Clean Design | No one wants to look at a website that is cluttered and hard to navigate. By keeping your design clean and neat you’re making a sincere effort to cater to the needs and demands of your site visitors.
  • White Space | White space, also known as negative space, is used to help guide visitors’ eyes toward specific sections of the website.
  • CTA | A call-to-action is usually a button that is front and center and encourages people to take a certain action. Most dentists use this button to get people to schedule an appointment or request a free consultation. This is a way to offer something to a visitor without any strings attached. The only thing they have to do is submit some information.
  • Consistent Branding | Your practice should be branded through colors, a logo, and a personality. However you’ve branded your dental practice, it’s important that you make it a point to keep that branding consistent both in your office and in your marketing. Read more about the importance of online and offline branding in this article.

Dental practice internet marketing is made up of several components. It’s important that your marketing strategy be completed alongside your website design. This ensures you maximize your ability to reach your target audience. Why? Because when you have an idea of who you’re marketing to and what your goals are you will be able to determine the best means and messaging (through copy and images) to reach your audience.

There’s a variety of marketing methods available to dentists and it’s crucial you choose methods that work for your target audience. Online marketing is incredibly effective and much more affordable than traditional outbound marketing.

Before determining what will work best for your practice you need to understand the difference between these two marketing methods.

Inbound/Online Marketing | This form of marketing allows you to drill down you marketing to reach very specific demographics. It allows you to tailor your web content, landing pages, and online advertisements to an audience that is incredibly targeted and specific. You tend to get more quality leads for a better price through online marketing and can measure the efficacy of your campaigns.

Outbound/Traditional Marketing | This method relies on a “spray and pray” method of communicating your message. It includes billboard advertisements, TV commercials, radio spots, and other methods that target a broad audience. This method makes it harder to understand what is working and what isn’t. Additionally, success metrics are much more inaccurate or not available.

Dental SEO



SEO for dental websites


Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is an incredibly effective online marketing method that attracts people to your website who are searching for what you have to offer. This means that they’re already in your sales funnel and simply need to be moved through it to officially convert.

So just how does SEO work? This method relies heavily on high quality content. This is because search engine spiders scan the copy on your website to determine which search queries it best answers. Depending on the results various pages on your website will rank for certain terms.

SEO is the art and science of creating and editing pages so that they rank for the keywords you want them to rank for. Learn more about search engine optimization in this article.

Pay-Per-Click for Dentists



dental ppc advertising chart


PPC can be looked at like a cousin of SEO. It is similar in that it allows you to target keywords, however, unlike search engine optimization every time a person takes a certain action (there are many to choose from), such as calling your practice or visiting your website, due to viewing a PPC ad you will be charged for each action.

PPC is a great way to target keywords you might otherwise not rank for and to target keywords you’re trying to rank for, but need more time. SEO takes much longer to get results and because of this PPC is often a great choice for getting your name out there and attracting traffic to your website.

This blog post on PPC for dentists will help you understand how else PPC differs from SEO.

Social Media



dental social marketing


A recent study showed that about 81% of Americans use social media. That’s a lot of people that you either already serve at your business or have the potential to serve. Dental office social media play an important part in connecting you with your existing patients and reaching new patients.

This form of marketing allows you to listen in on conversations around your practice, hear what people are saying about you, and join in on those conversations. It also serves as an outlet where you can distribute information like blog posts and promotional posts.

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