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Most optometrists know they need a website, but they are so busy that it’s difficult for them to research the best content management system. Perhaps you know that you need a website, but you lack the skills to create one on your own. WordPress was made for people who know the importance of having an internet presence but lack the skills and time to devote to a complex site. The benefits of using WordPress are outlined below.

1. Fully customizable

While optometrists typically offer a specific set of skills, that doesn’t mean that everyone’s practice is the same. Being able to customize optometry website designs so that they more deeply reflect your philosophy — as well as the culture of your office — make it easy to infuse them with your personality. They also provide the type of information your current and potential patients find useful.

2. It’s very easy to use


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WordPress features an intuitive interface that makes adding images, new pages, blog posts and more quick and easy. The formatting skills needed to launch and maintain a site on WordPress are very few. A few basic codes make it easy for your website to appear professional, inviting and engaging without requiring you to go to code school.

3. FTP or HTML editing software isn’t required

The WordPress system contains everything needed for you to create a professional-looking website. HTML editing software like Adobe Contribute and Dreamweaver aren’t necessary. Upload images before editing them, create new blog posts or page, format text, add image galleries and more without needing FTP or HTML software beyond what is included in the WordPress interface.

4. Remote access from virtually anywhere

Because WordPress is an interface based on a browser, you have the freedom to login from any computer that is connected to the internet and manage your website. Add images during down time at the office or pull up your site in the comfort of your living room and update it.

5. The management of your site is in your control


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WordPress puts the control of your website in your hands. Almost every aspect of your site can be updated and modified quickly and easily on your own. You don’t need to wait for your web designer to execute simple changes or updates to your site.

6. WordPress makes it easy to blog

WordPress was created to be a platform for blogging. This means that its capabilities for being utilized as such are already built into the interface if you want to go that route. Blogging is an excellent way to impart information to your potential and current patients. Easily set up email and RSS subscriptions, automatically integrate the most current blog posts on other pages of your site like the home page and manage commenting capabilities. These features are both easy to set up and simple to maintain. They make your site more interactive and dynamic and extending its reach and appeal.

7. WordPress and search engines are an unbeatable partnership

WordPress relies on code that is both simple and clean. These properties make a search engine’s job easy when it comes to reading and indexing the contents of your site. WordPress also makes it easy to optimize many different components of your site. Meta descriptions, tag keywords, and titles can be added to nearly everything on the site — blog posts, images, and pages. Specific keywords that you want to target can be optimized, allowing the search engines to index your site for them. WordPress tags can also be added to improve further your efforts at optimizing your site for the search engines.

8. WordPress supports multiple users


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Once your WordPress site is set up with you as the administrator of it, you can add other users to it. Not only can you simply add multiple users to your website, but you can also designate different levels of access to each user. This allows you to customize the capabilities of each user in regards to what they can do on the site. You can easily turn over a portion or all of the responsibility for maintaining the site to others while still being able to oversee things at any time by using your administrative access.

9. Plugins improve your site’s functionality

Take WordPress websites for optometrists and add layers of vibrant functionality that reflect your practice. Set up a Twitter feed that allows you to engage with your followers using little snippets throughout the day. Add a video gallery that effectively explains a day in the life of an optometrist, highlight a new piece of equipment or show off the latest styles of frames so your site visitors can engage more fully with you. Add an events calendar to alert your patients to specials that are upcoming and encourage participation. A Facebook plugin that allows your visitors to “like” your page on that social media site further extends your reach and visibility. Many WordPress plugins can be found for free while others feature a modest price tag.

10. WordPress makes growing your business easy

An effective website design for eye doctors is one that can easily grow as your business expands and changes. WordPress sites can easily handle a seemingly limitless number of pages, and their performance is not compromised. Add hundreds of thousands of blog posts — or even individual pages — to your WordPress site without experiencing any adverse effects on performance. Whether your WordPress site has three pages or 3,000 pages, neither you nor your visitors will see any differences in the way the site loads, the fluidity of the graphics or any other aspect. WordPress was designed to be fully scalable while still providing stellar performance.

If you are an optometrist, then you know the importance of having a viable website. Whether you have one that is languishing, or you are starting from the beginning, WordPress offers you unbeatable advantages. Regardless of whether you dabble in computers during your downtime or you take a hands-off approach when it comes to your website, WordPress was made to address both ends of the spectrum.

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