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The digital age has altered the way we communicate and it has also changed the way potential patients search for dentists. Your website design is often the first impression that a potential patient has of your practice. How you present your dental practice online can help or hinder your business. After all, you are only one quick click away from being overlooked if your website is lacking in any way. To avoid being overlooked, it is necessary to continuously update your website according to current design trends. Arranged below is an archive of blogs pertaining to 2018 Dental Website Design Trends to assist you in modifying your dental website in the most efficient way.

Dental Website Design Trends

What are the current website design trends for 2018? This blog breaks down the current trends and explains how each trend can help improve your marketing success. You will want to read this blog to ensure that your dental website is updated and working as effectively as possible.

How Your Website’s Color Scheme Affects Your Marketing Efforts

Color psychology, or the science of how color affects the brain, has found that certain colors illicit certain reactions in individuals that contribute to their interpretation of something, such as your website. This blog expands on this idea as it pertains to marketing and provides a color guide for optimal marketing results.

Dental Marketing Through Clean Design

A clean website design keeps a potential patient’s focus primarily on your message. Sites with too much clutter are not as efficient and your message can get lost amid the clutter. This blog describes the various elements associated with clean design and provides steps on how to achieve a clean design that is both visually appealing and effective in communicating with potential patients.


Dental Marketing: Keys to Competing in a Saturated Area

Areas that have a high concentration of dentists mean high levels of competition and a higher need for efficient marketing. This blog overviews dental marketing strategies and applies them to areas of high concentration and competition.

Importance of Understanding Your Patient Demographic When Marketing Your Dental Practice

In order to have a successful marketing campaign, you must be sure it appeals to your target market. A big part of this is understanding your patient demographic so that you can cater your marketing approach accordingly. This blog provides insight on what demographics are, how to get demographic data, and how to use this data to maximize your marketing approach.

What Were the 10 Best Dental Websites of 2017?

Not sure what a “good” dental website looks like? Check out this blog and review the best dental websites of 2017. Below each image is an evaluation of why that individual website is considered one of the best websites.

Look at These Gorgeous Dental Websites: Spot the Latest Trends

This blog directly addresses the current trends that are affecting dentist websites. It discusses the various trends in detail and then provides information on how they can be applied to your specific practice. If you have not updated your site in awhile, you will want to use this blog as a guideline for how to update your website.

Best Platform for Dental Websites

One of the biggest decisions dentists face when designing a website is what design platform to choose. This blog breaks down the essentials of a good website design platform and then explains how WordPress exemplifies all of these essentials.

7 Reasons Why These Dental Websites Succeed

This blog provides several successful dental websites and breaks down the reasons behind their success into seven easy steps. By incorporating these seven key elements in your website, you can instantly boost your marketability and help your dental website succeed.

Top 5 Slickest Dental Websites

Want to see some examples of what a slick dental website looks like? This blog reviews the top five slickest dental websites and provides a detailed evaluation of the various elements that contribute to their individual success.

Top 5 Dental Surgeon Websites

Even if you are a dental surgeon, or have any other kind of dental speciality, you will still want to make sure your website is reaching potential patients. This blog takes a similar approach to the blog above in reviewing the various factors of top websites, however it looks specifically at those websites pertaining to dental surgeons or other dental specialists.

Your Dental Website Better Be Ready With SSL Security

Did you know that more and more potential patients are looking for dentists who use websites with SSL security? If not, or if you don’t know what SSL security is, you will want to read this blog. The desire for secure websites is a quickly growing trend and you don’t want your website to get left behind simply because it is lacking in security.

What to Look for In a New Website Design

When designing a website, what types of factors are important and how should they be arranged to adequately communicate the message you are trying to convey? This blog provides an answer to these questions by first breaking down desirable factors and then explaining how to implement then in your website.

What to Look For if Your Dental Website Isn’t Delivery New Patients

Do you have dental website, but still are not receiving the influx of patients you had hoped for? If so, you will want to read this blog to find out what your website might be doing wrong. This blog describes ten potential problems your dental website may have that can prevent your marketing success.

5 Ways to Get New Patients to Check Out Your Dental Website

Having a dental website is the first step, however it is only an effective step if new patients are looking at it. This blog provides information on five different things you can do to make sure potential patients click and look at your website, such as: using SEO and email marketing, allocating a PPC budget, getting social media, and joining together offline and online marketing practices.

10 Reasons Why Your Dental Website Sucks

Are you not satisfied with your dental website or are you still not getting as many patients as you expect? You may want to evaluate your website to make sure it does not have any of these ten factors. If so, this blog provides advice on how to improve your dental website.

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